Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have You Seen My Keys?

Every person responsible enough to be trusted with some type of key has uttered this post's title phrase at one time or another. I have actually lost one set of truck keys in the past year that never turned up again. I imagine they are hitch hiking their way west towards the Pacific and freedom. When you can't find your keys you have that rush of panic. Did I lock the keys in my car? Did I lose them for good? Where can they be? You get all worked up only to find them in the fridge a few hours later. Those things can turn up anywhere.

The frantic search for keys has taken on a whole new meaning at our house. Braden seems to enjoy his keys more than anything else, other than eating. They are Baby Einstein Activity Keys so they must make him smart too. I don't know how that works, but I do know they make Braden happy. He has liked the keys since he was barely able to hang on to them. The small keyring was one of the first things he could grasp. The geniuses at Baby Einstein also added a button you can push to light up green and red lights. The lights are housed in what looks like an old fashioned yellow stop light. Blinking those things could stop even the most violent fits.

Now Braden pretty much works the keys on his own. Tuesday night I watched him turn the lights on and off as he studied them. He has no doubt made a connection in his mind between the button and the lights. He likes to hold one key and chew on another. Sometimes he even eats the lights. Having something that can soothe your baby when he is upset is as good as gold. I think I would rather lose my truck keys and walk to work than lose those little wonders.


CaJoh said...

It's so neat to see a child's mind at work.

Don't know how many sets of keys I've lost, but glad to know he likes the ones he has.

WeaselMomma said...

It's always wonderous to watch them learn new things and see the light bulbs turn on is magnificent.

Frogs in my formula said...

Men lose their keys?? I thought it only happened to women with big purses?!

Rob said...

Cool post and pic. My 20 month old had a set of play keys that lite up, made a horn sound and make a car starting sound. She LOVED them. Not sure why seems kind of boring but like you said they were good as gold and that was good enough for me.