Friday, August 28, 2009

Engineering vs. Fatherhood

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Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs

While I was gone on my business trip I felt like a very important cog in our corparate wheel. I was an integral part of our teams success. Now that I have returned home I have the even more important job of being Braden's Dad. While both of these jobs are important they manifest themselves in very different ways. Let me cite a few examples.

Engineer:I managed the construction of a multimillion dollar waste to energy installation.
Dad: I was unable to successfully get my 9 month old son to eat a bowl of oatmeal.

Engineer: I answered on the spot questions about how to proceed in the absence of the proper materials
Dad: I was able to change a diaper without getting poop in anyone's hair.

Engineer: I explained the installation of all motors, drives, fans, conveyors, and related equipment.
Dad: I repeatedly ask for explanations on when and what to feed Braden.

Engineer: I approved construction plans for welding, cutting, and fitting, equipment.
Dad: I asked a non talking baby for approval to watch TV.

Engineer: I set schedules for the hiring of a 200 ton crane to install heavy components through the open roof of a building.
Dad: I was able to get Braden to sleep on the schedule he set for me.

Engineer: I got griped at for not meeting deadlines.
Dad: I got griped at via Braden's crying for too many things to list.

Engineer: I woke up every morning in time to eat free breakfast at the hotel.
Dad: I wake up in time to feed Braden a bottle.

Engineer: I struggled to find ways to entertain myself.
Dad: I struggle to find ways to entertain Braden.

I know both jobs sound glamorous, but which do you think is more rewarding. Fatherhood can obviously be a humbling experience, but what other job allows your failures and struggles to be so much fun.


PJ Mullen said...

Never underestimate the achievement that is changing a diaper without incident.

BellaDaddy said...

I read em in reverse, wanting to hear the Daddy stuff first LOL...Peace!

Dave said...

"I asked a non talking baby for approval to watch TV."

We defer to them even more when they talk!

Fun post.

Mocha Dad said...

I can relate to both of your jobs. I've done many of the same things.

Daddy Files said...

The fatherhood-related accomplishments are more impressive. But the only people who realize that are the ones with kids.

WeaselMomma said...

You are such a sweet Dad. BTW the job of Dad is much harder and challenging than any job (including POTUS), if you are doing it right.

Teacher Tom said...

Sounds about right, although waking up in time to get to the free hotel breakfast is really quite an accomplishment.

Jason said...

"I was able to change a diaper without getting poop in anyone's hair."'s been awhile since I've had to worry about that one.

Great job! (on both fronts)

Baby News said...

Changing diapers in my house has become a circus. My husband usually has to hold Ethan up by one foot to keep him from crawling away and smearing his poopiness wherever he sits! Man, the old days of baby just laying there are missed!

I agree, work and parenting have their own ups and downs, but parenting is WAY more rewarding! :)

Momo Fali said...

No poop in anyone's hair is something to be proud of. Job well done!

Captain Dumbass said...

I bet Braden would be very entertained playing with a 200 ton crane.

otin said...

You might need to hire a crew for the baby job! LOL!

surprised mom said...

I was laughing at a lot of your Dad examples. The poop in the hair really got me. But, it IS an accomplishment! Good for you!
Being an engineer might be more glamorous, but being a Dad is the most important, hardest job in the world. You are doing great!

The Devoted Dad said...

This morning, I was unsuccessful with the poop in hair thing. My arms are a little hairy and Little Peanut, well, was a lot a bit poopy. -Jason

Mike said...

I fell over laughing on this. Sounds like your fathering not only Braden but those you work with as well....

Scott said...

I am with you on the constantly asking when and what to feed the kids. No matter hwo many times I do it, it just never sticks with me like other things. That's why I think I would be a terrible SAHD. The kids would get the same thing every meal.

KWG said...

Brilliant. Baby engineering is the toughest and most rewarding gig of all.

But what if the oatmeal looks like poop?

Then what?

Bee said...

Puts everything in perspective. :o)