Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Feel Like a Gray Donkey

Before we get to today's post I have exciting news. I have now just done my first guest post ever. You can see it today over at Building Camelot by clicking here. I feel like such a big shot.

I have a short post of my own today so here it is as well.

The people here in Scotland are among the nicest I have ever encountered on my travels. They are very friendly and easy to talk to. I have had strangers at the hotel chat me up just to be nice. One of them even bought me a beer. One of my favorite things is that they actually wave at each other when driving. Many of the streets are narrow two lane roads that have one lane blocked by parked cars. This is practically every side street I have seen. When you go down them you have to be alert and get out of the way of oncoming traffic. You must duck into openings until others pass. When you let a car go by the driver waves thanks every time. This is the only place out of small town Arkansas that I have ever seen the friendly wave. I love it.

Even with the friendly folks I am down in the dumps a bit lately. The whole situation is reminding me of a certain cartoon donkey. Do you remember Winnie the Pooh’s buddy Eeyore the donkey. He was a gloomy old chap. In his little world it was dark and rainy every day. He was tired. He was sad, and he ate thistles.

Well I feel like that gray donkey myself these days. It does physically rain every day in the West of Scotland. The only difference each day is whether it will rain hard or mist. Some days if you are lucky the sun comes out long enough to dry your clothes out before it starts raining again. In another Eeyore related note the thistle is big here in Scotland too. The flower is featured on every historic Scotland sign. It is the symbol or trademark for the national monuments or something. So here I am nearing the end of this trip thinking about a fictional donkey. If some people claim to see Nessie I don’t know why I can’t believe that Eeyore must be from this grand old place as well.


Brandy said...

I went and read your guest post. GREAT JOB!!! you are famous.

I'm also sad for you. How many days til home?

PJ Mullen said...

Nice job on the guest post, I liked it. I hope it passes for you soon, but I'm sure as you are back home with your family that will all change. Be well.

Scott (simplefather) said...

Congrats on the guest post!

I think you just need some good family time watching some Cards baseball, and all will be well in the world (at least for the moment).

surprised mom said...

I just read your guest post. Great post and congratulations!

I'm not sure how much more time you have in Scotland, but I hope it passes quickly for you. I'm sure you'd enjoy it a lot more if Arica and Braden were with you and it was a family trip. If you ever go again, I hope they are with you.

I hope you shed the gray donkey when you get back home. I'm sure you'll be too happy to have him hanging around.

While I know Arica and Braden are eagerly awaiting your return, I'll bet the dogs are panting for you to get back.

Take care.

WeaselMomma said...

A little Scotch may ease your pain. As far as the people being easy to talk to, I don't believe you. Yes, I bet they are extremely friendly and welcoming, but I have a really bad time understanding accents and bet I would have a really hard time talking to someone.

Staci said...

I just read your guest post! Very informative. I think I am going to have to send my hubby over that way so he can get some tips. I always wondered where Eeyore originated from. Now I have a theory. Thanks. :)