Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming to America

If you didn't stop by the site yesterday please go see my guest post at Building Camelot. It is my first guest post ever. I am used to being the unwanted guest so this is a nice change. Now on to today's Fatherhood Friday post.

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs

There is no place like home – Dorothy
Mama I’m coming home – Ozzy Osbourne
E.T. phone home – E.T.
Home is where you make it – crazy guy in Joe Dirt
Honey I’m Home – Jack Nicholson in the Shining

There are so many ways to say it, but today I am going to use my very own vernacular rather than quote anyone else.

I have been gone now for three weeks. Braden has started eating solid foods since I left. He is getting bigger every day. He is walking around along the furniture more and more every day. He is learning to make new sounds as he creeps on towards talking. He has learned to clap. And no doubt he has forgotten a little about me.

Arica has been raising a kid all by herself. She has handled all the things that come along with a baby without my help. She is tired. She is worn down. She needs a break.

While you are reading this on Fatherhood Friday I will be on my way. I will either be in the sky above or waiting in some horrid line on the ground below. Three flights and 6000 miles is all that separates me from a happy homecoming. It will be the end of a tough journey for us all. So to wrap it up here is a quote from yours truly.

“No matter if I am in Scotland, Malaysia, or Wal Mart my heart always longs to be home. The love and warmth that is shared within our four walls between us three people is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, and tomorrow it is going to get me up early and keep me going all day. Arica and Braden, Daddy's coming home” – Robert


Rob said...

Enjoy your homecoming because I am sure you miss your family sooo much. Also give your wife a break she deserves it. Welcome home!!!!!

Jason said...

Have a safe trip home!

PJ Mullen said...

I'm sure the minute your little boy sees you he'll light up and give you a big smile. Safe travels home.

surprised mom said...

Keep safe on your way home. I'm sure your homecoming will be spectacular. I hope you don't have to be gone from home for this length of time for a long, long time.
Happy Homecoming!

WeaselMomma said...

I'm not the sappy type, but I have a tear in my eye. Welcome Home. Please tell us about the joy and excitement on Braden's face when he saw you. I guarantee he didn't forget you.

Daddy Files said...

Welcome home, that must've been tough. I don't know if I could do three whole weeks. Enjoy the homecoming.