Monday, August 9, 2010

Half Baked

I dont' have any good ideas for post. I had nothing Friday. Nothing occurred to me over the weekend. Here it is late Monday afternoon and my mind is as empty as the Chicago Cubs trophy case.

I blame my lack of creativity on the weather. My brain is fried. Actually since it is wrapped up in my head it is more likely baked. I am half baked, but not like the guys in the movie of the same name. Rather than go mute I think we should break out the trusty old bullet point post. That's a great way to bring together several disjointed topics that represent my disjointed thought process at the moment.

So there it is. I am half-baked by the sun and bringing you bullet points.
  • Braden still likes shoes although not as much. He loves to put on his "bip bops" though. He can't leave the house without them.
  • I have been feeding my neighbors cat, the semi wild turkeys, and the raccoons at his house for two weeks now while he is gone on vacation. Braden loves to go and help me with the feeding. He always gets his hat and his "bip bops" when I get home from work. Then he is ready to feed the "tu-teys".
  • Yes I said that I am feeding raccoons. My neighbor asked and I obliged. I would rather shoot them, but he probably doesn't have a need for coonskin caps.
  • The same coons come into my garage and eat my dog food sometimes. I guess I better keep feeding them next door to keep them at bay.
  • My neighbors cat has decided his owner is not coming home and took up residence outside our door last night. It meowed all night. You try to be nice and this is what you get. A cat. And who really wants a cat?
  • Arica killed another snake a couple weeks ago. She attacked it, but it got away under a bush. It turned up dead a few days later. That puts the standings over the last two years at Arica 2, Robert 1. My wife is the family snake killer. Don't mess with her.
  • I thought I lost my keys to Arica's car today.That will put you in a panic about as quick as anything. I tried to blame it on Braden, but Arica put a stop to that. She was right. I had just misplaced them. In a related note I am still looking for the spare set of truck keys I lost in 2008.
  • Not long ago Arica spotted and I killed a scorpion in our house. Yes a scorpion.
  • Is anyone out there starting to fear for us with the snakes, coons, and scorpions stalking our house.
  • In a totally unrelated note we still have our house on the market if anyone is interested. Just like the Kamp Komfort clerk said on National Lampoon's Vacation, our price "includes scenery and wildlife fun".


Brandy said...

ya - too much wildlife for my taste. I'm ready to move just because of the spiders

SurprisedMom said...

Can I borrow Arica? I need some snakes (garter, sure, but still snakes)and spiders that need killing. These two things are at the top of my "Oh My God, please get rid of them" list. Scorpions? I can't even wrap my mind around them. Oh, yuk!

"Bip Bops." I love it!

Raccoons around here hitch a ride on the rails and then invade our garbage cans and in some cases, our homes. They shouldn't be fed, they should be made into coon skin caps.

We have a cat. Arrogant thing.

I know you've talked about selling your house for a bigger abode. Will you be staying in the area? "... includes scenery and wildlife fun." In your case, an apt description! :)

Stop picking on the Cubs!

Tom said...

I'm not sure anywhere in the country is safe from wildlife. Here it's spiders and vermin for the most part, but raccoons and opossums are pretty prevalent as well. No scorpions though, and no venomous snakes, fortunately.

Manic Mommy said...

Our dog was going crazy the other night and we came downstairs to find a family of four large raccoons on our back deck. We live *just* outside of the city!

Not surprisingly, Google Ads is all about raccoon removal.

Scorpions and snakes? Damn.

Burgh Baby said...

You have to love cats. You give them a tiny bit of anything, they will harass you forever and ever and ever.

PJ Mullen said...

With features like that I can't imagine why your house is still on the market :)

I feel your pain on the half baked thing, which is why I wrote the post I did today. First one in nearly a month (the weren't a Wordless Wednesday) for my own blog.