Monday, September 27, 2010

Macaroni And Cheese Tears a Family Apart

When Arica and I first met I knew right away that she was a good match for me. Everything seemed in order right of the bat. And as I got to know her better that definitely held true. I only found one thing about her that seemed odd to me.

Arica absolutely detests macaroni and cheese.

I used to tease her about it and say she must be a communist. There is no way that a full blooded American could not like mac and cheese. I just couldn't imagine that.

Well, let me warn you to be careful what you ridicule. Now I am the odd ball in our house because Braden hates the cheesy pasta favorite of many a kid as well. I teased my wife, and God saw fit to add another anti-macaroni member to our family.

Braden dislikes the dish so much that when it's served at school he refuses to eat anything. He won't eat a single thing that is on the same plate as the vile cheesy pasta. We have to keep extra meals at the school just for the days when macaroni is served. Otherwise our child would starve.

An interesting experiment might be to serve him some macaroni and cheese with a side of chocolate. I bet he would eat the chocolate, but nothing short of that would be deemed edible.

So once again I open my mouth and show my ignorance. Not only can a full blooded American dislike macaroni and cheese, but my very own flesh and blood can despise it as well. 

For the record, I am not a communist.


Rob said...

Sounds like he got a communist gene from your wife. LOL. Kidding. I thought ALL kids loved mac and cheese, mine do and so does Melinda. Maybe your family are robots in disguise. You better check before you are banded from bringing that cheesy goodness in to your home. LOL.

Brandy@YDK said...

lol - my child is a communist too. He doesn't like cheese. on a burger or pasta or by itself nothing. And I would take cheese in an IV if possible,

rxBambi said...

my uncle, a 100% Italian, first generation american (like my mom), HATES pasta. seriously.

I don't get it. I can eat pasta all day every day, especially if you put it with pizza. Not my uncle joe tho.


Manic Mommy said...

What's not to like?
Macaroni = good.
Cheese = GREAT.

Gremlin would eat it three meals a day if we'd let him. HRH? Not so much but he did love it as a toddler.

Last week in my Prednesone-induced 'roid rage, I made a huge lasagna pan of homemade baked mac n cheese.

seashore subjects said...

LOL! I can sympathize. My husband is 1/2 Italian and our youngest doesn't like pasta. Any. kind. of. pasta. Mac and cheese included. It makes for many pb&j's for her. (good thing she likes bread!)

PJ Mullen said...

Sounds like our boys would get along. My son won't eat Mac and Cheese. To him cheese and pasta is when I take my aged hard cheese and grate it over a plate of butter penne. He doesn't dig the cheese sauce for some reason. Very strange and kinda sad at the same time.

otin said...

Love Mac and cheese, but only home made with egg. I don't do the box stuff.

Que said...

That would be considered profanity at our house. Our kids love it so much that they would eat it for every meal. I don't eat a lot of it but I'm certainly not opposed to it. I really hope they work it out of their system for your sake and theirs.

Tom said...

Another cheese-hating kid's father chiming in. We finally figured out that part of his distaste for cheese came from a milk allergy, but still - it seems un-American to me to not like cheese, particular when it comes in the mac-n-cheese form.

The tide is turning in this country. I fear the day when PB&J falls to the wayside.