Friday, October 1, 2010

Singing with Hank...Check

We all have monumental moments in our life that we will never forget like the birth of a child and our wedding day. These are universally accepted as the biggest moments in one's life. That is certainly true for me too, but there are many other special moments in life as well. Things that you strive for because of some strange part of your being. You are driven to do these things so you can write them down in your memory as mission accomplished.

Maybe there is even a checklist of strange things that you would like to do. I refuse to use the term Bucket List to refer to these things. I don't like terms that just explode like that. I will not jump on bandwagons of any kind.

Whatever you call the list it might involve going to the Seinfeld diner in NYC. It could include meeting the Dalai lama, 12th son of the lama, flowing robes, grace, bald, striking. I don't have a list, but if I did then I would certainly be marking one thing off Saturday night.

Thanks to my always awesome wife, who got me tickets for my birthday, I will be going to see Hank Williams Jr. in concert Saturday night. He will be with Jamey Johnson who is also one of my favorites. The  checklist item is the opportunity to sing "A Country Boy Can Survive" with Hank. That is something that any good country boy should aspire to do. I will drink a beer and belt out the entire thing with Bocephus. Good times.

While we are on the subject of random things that I find overly important lets talk about some others. Here are a few of the less than Hallmark moments that I am proud to have marked off a list of things I decided were cool for some reason or another.

When I visited the Coloseum in Rome I recited my favorite line from the movie Gladiator while standing smack dab in the middle of the former showplace of ancient Rome. I said "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."

My secret is out. I am a tremendous dork. I'm sorry to let you all down. I just couldn't conceal it any longer, but if you're honest with yourselves I am sure there is at least one person out there feeling the pangs of jealousy right now.

I drank a beer or two in a real live Scottish Pub in Glasgow Scotland. The local beer is Tennants and my friend's brother who met us at the pub calls it Vitamin T. He ascribes many of his special powers and physical attributes to his faithful adherence to a Vitamin T regimen.

I got the kiss on both cheeks greeting from a real Italian in Rossano Italy. It was actually a goodbye after frequenting a certain restaurant every night for weeks on end. After seeing it done again and again over the months I spent there I made it my goal to be accepted into southern Italian society enough to gain that greeting. And I did it.

Next week hopefully I will have a funny yarn to spin about my time with 20,000 rednecks and how it will now be indelibly imprinted upon my memories just like these other unforgettable moments.


Brian Miller said...

reciting that line in the coliseum...wicked cool...have fun at hank...just be careful trying to get out of the parking lot among all those pick ups...

Brandy@YDK said...

that jamey johnson guy is coming to our fair.

Brandon said...

Something to help you enjoy Hank more would be to know that he went to Alabama and is a big Bama fan. Usually does the Homecoming concert every year. :)

As for your European Tour, it makes me super jealous. I would love to do all those things... minus the Gladiator line recitation. I would, however, like to find a huge well, kick someone in and shout "this is Spartaaa!!!" I am sure that would make the trip very special indeed.

Tom said...

That's way cool. I'm not a big HWJ fan but if I were, that would be a huge deal.

I got to meet James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) at the grocery store once, and Bill Nye at a nursery while he was filming his show, which were a couple of ticks off the list for me.

I'm with you in general, though: no bandwagons for me. If I were ever to get on a cruise ship again, I would not climb up on the bow and shout "I'm king of the world!" etc.

Jack said...

Enjoy the show.

Katherine said...

How was the show? I'm a little late on my commenting. And I see no dorkiness. I am jealous.

PJ Mullen said...

+100 points for the Carl Spackler reference.

+1,000,000 points for the Gladiator reenactment. I'd have given you 2,000,000 if you told me you had a sword and armor :)