Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fix My Buzz

Kids always get duplicates of toys on every gift giving occasion. We were lucky this year that we only had one duplicate for Christmas. Last week Arica and I took Braden along to Wal Mart to return the duplicate toy and get another.

Our thinking was that we would get him some sort of Buzz Lightyear toy. Braden is on a huge Toy Story kick lately. He asks to watch Buzz at some point every day. Some days he never stops watching it. We got Braden all three movies for Christmas and he likes them all. We knew he would because he was mesmerized by the trilogy when his Mom watched them all recently.

Toy Story 3 is probably his favorite though because he likes the train scene in the beginning. Other than that scene everything is all about Buzz.

When we went to Wal Mart Braden wanted to play with the toy we were returning. To help encourage him to let us return it we promised him a Buzz. So the entire time we were standing in the return line Braden kept saying, "I get my Buzz. I get my Buzz."

Finally we made the transaction after the cashier asked for my ID, made me take it out, and swiped it. I guess he thought I was running a scam by going around the country and stealing $15 dollar toys just so I could return them to Wal Mart. And just to add to the disguise I brought along a woman and a small child that I kidnapped from McDonald's.

Nonetheless, we had our gift card, and we were off to the toy section.

First we handed Braden a rocket with Buzz as the driver. You shake it and Buzz and the rocket shoot off across the floor. Braden wanted that. Then he decided he wanted a Buzz figure. Then he wanted both. Then he wanted something else. Eventually he decided on the little Buzz action figure. It would be Braden's first action figure and it seemed like a good purchase. He was happy.

Before we even got out of the store Braden had to open his Buzz. So we opened it and handed it to him. He gripped it in his little paws and began pushing the buttons on Buzz's suit. Nothing happened. Then he pushed the button on his arm to fire the laser. Nothing happened. He tried to close Buzz's helmet. It wouldn't budge. Of course none of those things were intended to happen, but you try explaining that to a 2 year old.

All the way home all we heard was "bix my Buzz. Daddy bix my Buzz. Momma bix my Buzz" as Braden continually pushed the buttons with a disappointed look on his face. Finally we got home and he just threw Buzz aside.

All these talking toys have ruined our kids. I'm not sure many little boys even know how to make truck sounds anymore. Everything talks. Everything sings. Everything makes noises to drive Mommy and Daddy crazy.

I am happy to say, however, that Braden can make truck noises. And that next day he and Buzz became best friends. Now Buzz goes almost everywhere with Braden including "to infinity and beyond!"


PJ Mullen said...

Ah, yes, Buzz LIghtyear. Intrepid member of the Elite Space Ranger Corp. We know him well since we have FOUR of them. One figurine, one posable figurine, a stuffed one and the collector edition I say 65 different things, make noise and just about fly on my own Buzz. Little man can't go to bed without his stuffed Buzz and won't leave the house without Talks a lot Buzz.

I too lament the lack of imagination in some toys. I was playing with him the other day. We had some Matchboxes I bought him for Christmas and I was making engine noises, peeling out and doing what came natural to me. I'm hoping that rubs off on him a little. I'd hate for the toys to do it all.

Brandy@YDK said...

my fave scene in TS3 is spanish buzz. crack me up. I think we have to teach our kids how to play with non-talking toys. talking toys do all the work for them.

Eric said...

At first I was concerned by the title he needed some Advil due to a bender.

We got the Buzz rocket for Christmas. If it doesnt get picked up at night, i walk through a dark room and kick it only to have the warning and shoot across the floor.

seashore subjects said...

You might be onto something with the quiet toys and imagination. And even if they don't help the imagination, at least they help the house to be peaceful!

(PS - you're blog reminded of something from Teen's childhood so now I have a post topic for tomorrow - THANKS!)

Katherine said...

You're right. They do expect everything to sing and dance for them, including their parents!

Ethan has these power rangers he got for Christmas. At first, he wouldn't touch them, but slowly, I see him play with them more and more....they don't make a sound.

I love Toy Story. We got Toy Story 2 for Ethan.

Sheila said...

Cute story! And I agree....it seems ALL toys talk or do SOMETHING now....you can't just "pretend" they are doing other things! CRAZY!! My baby dolls never opened their eyes, or peed their diaper, or anything like that! LOL!!!

Keith Wilcox said...

We didn't have a buzz phase -- we had a Nemo Phase. But, hey -- it's always something, right! :-) You're right about all the toys that make sounds. Stupid toy manufacturers.