Monday, July 6, 2009

The First Tooth

I wrote a while back wondering Are Teeth Evil? They seem to wreak so much havoc in our lives. They require constant care and attention. If you neglect them they strike back with cavities and worse.

Braden has been battling his own teeth demons. According to our pediatrician he has been teething now for months. Every day he allegedly teethes and teethes. All this hard work and no results. When the teething action ramps up Braden goes through bouts of grumpiness. He is not his normal happy self even though there are no teeth to be found.

Finally last week we had a tooth show itself. There is now a tiny white protuberance in Braden's lower gum. You can barely see it, but it is there. A quick feel with a finger can prove that our eyes are not deceiving us. After months of work Braden finally has his first tooth.

Along with the tooth has come another brief period of less than a joyous mood. Over the weekend Braden did not sleep well. Two straight nights he cried and cried rather than sleeping like normal. Every time I went into his room one of those nights he was standing up holding the rail on his crib and crying. He was giving me a look as if to say, "I'll jump if you don't get me out of this wooden prison."

Last night things returned to normal, at least for a while. The little man slept through the night. Arica and I are both very excited for the first tooth. That is one step closer to meat and taters for our little boy. Until he has that full mouth of precision eating instruments we will keep the pain killers handy, for us and him.


Brandy said...

i'm so sorry. we are suffering through our own teething pain. added onto an ear infection. why did we decide to do this parent thing?

Baby News said...

I've been pretty fortunate that Ethan hasn't had too bad a time with teething. He seems to take it all in stride. He has two bottom teeth that are getting bigger by the day.

I use teething tablets, which dissolve instantly, to help it out at night.

PJ Mullen said...

Getting that first tooth is such an exciting milestone. It is amazing how long it takes for it to break through those. Little man had just a little fang, then five other teeth popped out all at once. The teething monster has returned in full force in our house over the weekend, it appears we've moved on to molars. Keep those bottles handy.

surprised mom said...

Teething can be horrific, for both child and parents. All that work just so we can eat meat. And it's inflicted on a child who can't even ask what's going on. And his parents who suffer along with the child.
I hope Braden, his mommy and you all feel better soon. Until then, keep the pain relievers handy.
BTW, you might want to keep those pain relievers handy in their early teenage years. Braces, the next thing to cause pain. I know.

Tom said...

Let the drooling begin! That's one of the things I loved about the teething phase: the copious amounts of drool. And the biting of fingers. I learned real quick to keep my digits out of range of my kid's mouths.

dad in training said...

Just wait until they start loosing them. Talk about drama!!!

mannequin said...

...and you don't even have to pay for white teeth, not with Perfectly White!

I remember all too well the birth of a new tooth, it's excruciating for everyone. You wouldn't think the arrival of a tooth would cause that much anguish. Funny how quick the tooth fairy is to come get one but she's never around when you need one quickly.

seashore subjects said...

I have to agree with Michael'sDaddy, it's time to start watching your fingers!

If it's any consolation, it is my experience that the first couple are the worst. So, soon (hopefully) he'll be past the grumpy stage!