Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: American Express

Another random Tuesday is upon us. Very few interesting thoughts are floating around my head right now, but I will do my best.


  • What is the correct procedure for putting utensils in the dish washer? Do the business ends go up or down?
  • American Express rejected one of my business purchases this week. They did so after calling to get my approval of the purchase twice and receiving my signature to OK the sales order. Afterward I thought maybe I should send them the card back since obviously I am not smart enough to decide what I can and can't buy.
  • Braden thinks he can stand up on his own. He pulls up on different things and once standing lets go. Then predictably he falls on his butt or his head.
  • Next time your husband or wife asks you to go to the store and get some milk look at them seriously and say, "Cow's Milk?"
  • A lot of people seemed disgusted that I wanted to try haggis. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to eat this delicacy. You know haggis is ground up sheep innards, right?
  • Having a crawling baby is a good way to gauge the dirtiness of your floors.
  • Where do you think I can get some of those money bags with the dollar signs on the side of them?
  • We have had at least some rain each day for the last three days. My grass has turned from brown to green. Now I have to mow again.
  • I built a pillow fort last night and Braden spent most of the night trying to climb it. We had lots of fun. He is a miniature Sir Edmund Hilary.
  • I am taking vacation for a week before I go to Scotland. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a while. Yahoo!


PJ Mullen said...

I'm telling you, if we designed a baby outfit made of swiffer cloths we'd make an absolute fortune.

Baby News said...

Oh, yes, Ethan is a huge fan of the pulling up and letting go. He did it last night in the tub and landed on his cup, which has big teeth on it. He cried for 5 minutes and now has little bruises on his tiny butt. I told my husband to be sure to tell our child care person, so she doesn't think I'm beating the child already!

And he's figured out how to climb the dresser. Keeping things out of his reach is becoming harder and harder! Enjoy your vacation.

NukeDad said...

Business end up on everything except knives; always put them down. Unless you enjoy puncture wounds. ;)

Keely said...

You have a dishwasher?! Lucky.

Crawling baby + Swiffer Suit = Clean House.

Brandy said...

omg - i can't wait to build a pillow fort now!

Tom said...

I'm with NukeDad on the utensils thing.

I know you can get canvas money sacks, but I think you have to stencil your own dollar sign on the side. I think it'd be funny to stencil another character instead, like an ampersand or musical note. "Whatcha got in the bag?" "Music."

surprised mom said...

I put the spoons and the knives down and the rest up. Variety is the spice of life.
I'd buy a swiffer baby outfit. Oh wait, then I'd have to borrow your baby. Nevermind.
I'm so glad that I'm way past the stand up, let go and get bruised stage with my girls. That's when I got very old very quickly. Too much adrenaline.
Money bags? What's money?

Jenni Jiggety said...

Ooooh....a trip to Scotland? How cool is that?

Isabella said...

We put all of the utensils down. After brother-in-law sliced his hand open on a utensil in our dishwasher, we changed the way we do things. :)

seashore subjects said...

Pillow forts are great fun, try to find a large box next. It can be a tunnel for him to crawl through. Aww, makes me miss babies - except the mopping daily.

Mike said...

Pillow forts are so cool. My kids are grown, but I still make them. Just because....