Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am trying to get back to a regular blogging schedule. Doing that means returning to one of my all time favorite formats, the random thoughts post. So buckle up and enjoy the random musings of the man who spends his days cyphering on how to turn poo into energy and his nights consistently getting outsmarted by an 11 month old.


  • People walk up and down a street near our house all the time. There is no sidewalk, but the foot traffic is pretty heavy. The reason for all the walking is, of course, to get to Wal-Mart. Every day when I pass these people they stop walking and move over off the road. Moving over is obviously a great idea, but why do they stop and stare at me? I will never understand this behavior. I think it is safer to keep walking because we all know it is harder to hit a moving target.
  • Why must we say I write well, he plays well, or she sings well. Why can't we replace well with good. Why is good an adjective and well an adverb? To me using well sounds uppity and snobbish. Can't we get this rule changed? Who are the adverb police? Who do I need to call? Mr. Webster? King James? Tiger Woods?
  • I put one of our refrigerator magnet letters on the dish washer the other day. When Braden passed by yesterday and saw it, he put it back on the refrigerator. Now if I could only hone this ability to be used for putting up his toys.
  • Every day at lunch I feed the dogs. As soon as Braden hears me getting the dog food he races for the sliding glass doors. He likes to watch me go out with the dogs. It is a silly little thing, but it has become a fun ritual for father and son. I think it is cool that he can recognize what is going on too.
  • I will be returning to Scotland next week. With any luck this will be my last overseas business trip ever. I hope so.
  • I went deer hunting last weekend and killed nothing. I saw a doe, a deer, a female deer. Actually I saw several, but I chose not to shoot them in search of the illusive buck deer. I think there is a lesson in there about birds in a bush or something.
  • Arica stayed overnight at deer camp with me on Friday night. This was the first time she has ever done this (and probably the last). She slept in the freezing cold camper because our heater went out. She slept using other people's blankets because I forgot to bring blankets of our own. She slept on a bed too small for us both. Actually I don't think she slept at all. The point of this is to say thank you Arica for being such a good wife. Thanks for putting up with the atrocities of deer camp to spend some time with me.

    I am Harriet said...

    That's sweet that you chose not to shoot.
    Have a great RT!

    Stephanie said...

    Lieutenant Dangling Participle, Grammar Police at your service.

    Brandy said...

    lovely random today. i would never do the deer thing for my husband.

    Baby News said...

    LOL! The grammar police are an elusive bunch....no one really knows who they are, I think.

    There are times in class when students will ask me, "Why do we have to do it like that?" And I say, "Because it's the rule. Learn the rule and then you can break it." So I say use "good" all you want; you obviously know the rule!

    PJ Mullen said...

    Hey, at least they get out of the way for you. In my neighborhood when a car comes down the street people continue to just walk right down the middle and look at you like you're in the wrong. Drive me absolutely insane.

    Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

    what a sweet name 'africa'

    good luck with your trip to scotland

    visitng via rtt

    Keely said...

    That is a rare woman you've got there, glad you appreciate her ;)

    I'll go to Scotland for you. No, really.

    Hit 40 said...

    Please give Arica a long back rub! And clean the house including the 3-d pee on the walls around the toilet. She deserves pimped up maid service for her company in the woods.

    seashore subjects said...

    Loved the randomness today. Did you see re - a ray of golden sun as well?

    otin said...

    Doe a deer....lol! A ray, a drop of Golden sun!

    great random thoughts!

    I hate that you have to go back over seas :(

    At least you can understand playstation! I am still stuck on nintendo 64!

    Captain Dumbass said...

    You might want to give Arica a day at the spa.

    WeaselMomma said...

    Arica must be a real trooper. Braden is a smart little fella. I believe it is perfectly acceptable to replace well with good, atleast in Arkansas.