Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fantasy Sports: Good or Bad?

I start every morning at work with a cup of coffee and a quick perusal of my fantasy sports teams. I play fantasy leagues for all three major sports. Right now I am in the finals of a baseball league hoping to reap the rewards of my hard work by hoisting the virtual trophy and having a champagne bath. That will probably be a "fantasy" celebration to keep with the imaginary theme of these games. I also am in a football league with some friends over at Dad Blogs. In that league I am playing a pretend game with friends that I have never met. You have to love the Internet.

I know that the fantasy sport nerd stereotype is out there. I reject that characterization of myself. To me the real games are immensely more important than the pretend ones. Fantasy is just another way for me to stay in touch with my favorite sports. It helps me follow the sports as a whole rather than just my favorite teams. Also it gives me something to do at work while I try to wake up. For others though it is much more. The fantasy industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It is all quite surreal.

What will Braden think of fantasy sports when he gets older? They are such a way of life now for a sports fan that he will probably join in without a second thought. He will have no idea what it was like to become a true sports fan based solely on the merits of the game played on the field. Now with the Internet gambling and fantasy aspects are as big as anything else.

I hope he likes to play. I would love to talk a little trash and show him how fantasy sports are played by us old veterans. Surely this will be another way that dad and son can connect and share even as he gets older. I only hope all these side attractions don't take away from Braden's or any other kid's love for the games themselves. The last thing we need to encourage is further travel down the path towards virtual existences.

We need to always remember real sports, real exercise, real friends, and a connection to the real world.


Seansmoma said...

I love my football but I don't participate in any fantasy sports. Years ago my Dad and my aunts and uncles played a season. My Dad won the trophy. :)

Daddy Files said...

I'm a huge sports fan and a huge fantasy sports participant. I like fantasy football the most. My friends and I have a league we've been running since 2004. We get together in person every year for a draft. It is great and it's a chance for us all to get together at least once a year.

That having been said, I've noticed a troubling trend with my father. He roots for his fantasy players even if it means rooting against the Patriots (our team) or hated rivals like the Colts or the Jets.

This is unacceptable.

I will teach my son (and I'm sure you'll teach Braden) that you cheer for your team above all else. Fantasy is a distant second.

Captain Dumbass said...

Sounds like you'll be able to "keep his head in the game."

Wow. That was really lame.

otin said...

Fantasy sports! I might as well try to find the cure for cancer, that is how much that I understand fantasy games!

Manic Mommy said...

Fantasy is fine but there's nothing like a real game and a real team, with a whole city feeling the same emotions at the same time. To wit: Red Sox, October 2004. All of Massachusetts, perhaps all of New England survived on 4-5 hours of sleep for nights on end to watch a curve reversed.

WeaselMomma said...

I don't really understand the concept of fantasy sports, but think that as long as you enjoy it and still enjoy the real deal, it's all good.

surprised mom said...

I am going to have to ask The Mister about the concept of fantasy sports. I don't understand it at all, so therfore can't make a competent comment. I'm glad you like real sports just as much. I'm sure Braden and you will have a blast when he gets older.

PJ Mullen said...

I used to be a huge fantasy football junkie, but it was ruining the season for me. I'm in the dad blogs lead, but I didn't have a computer the week of the draft, so my team was automatically picked for me. So far I'm 1-2 and it isn't looking pretty. That being said, I definitely think it would be a good thing if Braden liked fantasy sports so you two would have yet another thing to share.

Melinda said...

I'm sure is Rob knew there was a league at Dad Blogs he would've joined! He loves fantasy football!