Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exponential Growth

Being the Dad of a nearly 15 month old child is a thrill a minute lifestyle.  Braden learns at the same pace he moves around the house, which is at supersonic speed.  He grows, both mentally and physically, by leaps and bounds every single day.

Two weekends ago a friend of ours visited for opening weekend at the horse races.  He has a nephew that was born within a few days of Braden.  My friend was completely amazed by Braden.  He said that it seemed like he was an entire year older than his nephew despite the fact that they are the same age.

Hearing this really makes me proud.  More than that it makes me thankful for having such a wonderful, healthy child. He does simple things that amaze me every day.

I wrote about Braden copying us by putting lotion on himself not too long ago. He also uses the shampoo bottle to copy us putting bubble bath in the tub at bath time.  He puts his cup in the dishwasher every time we are loading dishes.  He throws trash away, and sometimes other things as well.

A few days ago Braden found some candles that he had thrown into his inflatable ball pit several days earlier.  He took the two candles and went across the room and placed them in the exact spot on the silver tray where they came from on the proper shelf of the correct table. He knows where everything goes and what everything does.

He goes immediately to the bath tub for a bath or to the garage door when it is time to go. Every day when I say let's feed the dogs he follows me right to the back door. If you offer chocolate he runs to the candy jar. Sunday I asked him where his shake your booty truck was. He went into the other room, got it, and brought it to me. (The truck sings shake your booty as the bed of the truck shakes.) If you ask him what Otter and Abbey are doing he goes to the window and looks for them.

I can find absolutely no limit to the amount of things he knows.  It seems he understands every word in my vocabulary. He explores everything. He climbs on everything too, and he has the bruises to prove it.  He is a non stop force that has to be dealt with 24-7. 

Braden's Great Grandpa asked recently if he ever sat still. The answer was, of course, not even for a second.

Sometimes it is absolutely exhausting trying to keep up with him.  On the flip side though it is incredibly rewarding. What a blessing it is to have a child that started walking at 10 months. What a blessing it is to have a child that is so curious and inquisitive about the world around him.  What a blessing it is to have a child that runs fast and learns faster.

What a blessing it is to be Braden's Dad.


Manic Mommy said...

What a nice tribute to your wonderful, special, unique baby boy.

I call that speed-of-light learning "intellectual growth spurts"

Brandy said...

aaaawwwww! so sweet. he sounds sooooo smart. what a blessing and a tiny bit of a curse. lol.

Katherine said...

Oh, you should be so proud.

I just told my husband the other day that it's normal for some 16-month-old kids not to walk. His eyes widened. I can't imagine it. And I LOVE that he can walk and run.

You are blessed. Braden is not only cute, but he sounds like a super smart kid!

Tom said...

And the more time you spend with him doing all those things, the more he'll grow in both body and mind, and the happier he'll be in the long run.

One day he'll write about what a blessing it is having a dad like Otter.

PJ Mullen said...

It is amazing how fast their minds work and how sponge like they can become. On Christmas day he walked up to my mother's refrigerator and started banging his hand on the freezer door exclaiming "scream! scream!" He not only remembered that someone brought ice cream to our family dinner, he knew exactly where is was and let us know when he wanted some. It's scary and funny all at the same time.

Brian Miller said...

that is awesome!

and one of the joys of being a dad!

surprised mom said...

This post really touched me deeply. How wonderful that you wrote this tribute to Braden. I know he'll be touched when he reads this years from now. He sounds like a delightful ball of fire and so much smarter than his age. I do smile when I think of you keeping up with him. I think Braden is so loved and knows it. That's probably why he is conquering the world at such an amazing speed.

WeaselMomma said...

I am so glad that you are documenting every step of his way. Blink and you will miss it.

Frogs in my formula said...

It's beautiful that you express your appreciation for your healthy, growing boy. Great post.

John said...

What a great post!!! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome stuff.

seashore subjects said...

My dad calls toddlers "wind-up people". They never stop moving, but are so fun! Enjoy.