Monday, January 4, 2010

I Want to Spend 2010 With My Family

I have just returned to work today from my second consecutive 4 day weekend.  In other words I have only worked 3 days out of the past 11.  I am not too excited about going back to work this morning.

In the past several days I have had a wonderful time staying at home with Arica and Braden.  It is a nice way to end what was at times a very difficult 2009.  I worked so much this year in the US and abroad that time with my family was sometimes neglected.  A four day weekend cannot take away the disappointment of missing Braden's first Halloween while marooned on a rainy island teeming with bagpipes. Nor can it erase a summer filled with dread about travel plans.  The days off do, however, provide a great springboard into what I hope is a better life this year.

As I look forward to 2010 I want to spend as much of it as possible with my family. I want to be there when they have bad days. I want to be there for every single holiday no matter how small. I want to take a real vacation this year with my wife, if not several.

To many people travelling to the capital of kilts for business seems like a great job.  Maybe a life full of movement and travel is what you crave. Not me. Of course I would like it if I could take my family along, but with a 13 month old kid that is not really feasible. The best thing for us is just being together right in our own hometown.

Many days at home in this parenting journey seem so mundane and difficult. Another load of dishes. Another dirty diaper. Supper time. Bath time. Bed time. Somewhere in between there is grocery shopping or household chores. I used to just get irritated with all of this. Sometimes I wasn't too pleasant.

For this I apologize to my family. The reality is that these little tasks are what makes up life with a small child. If you take them away there is not much left.  If I can't enjoy diapers and dishes then I can't enjoy life. So with this realization and a hopefully reformed attitude I venture into what has become a snowy (at least for Arkansas) 2010. I will undertake this adventure with hopes of wonderfully normal days ahead filled with toys and tater tots with my family.

Happy New Year.


Katherine said...

I think that's a wonderful goal. It was very strange to have to get Ethan up and ready for child care this morning.

Through all my travels over the holidays (with family), I have come to appreciate even more the comfort of being at home with just my son and my husband.

WeaselMomma said...

Enjoy all the time at home that you can and where the hell is Global Warming? I'm freezing.

Brian Miller said...

great post otter. i have felt the burn of the mundane at times and had to ask forgiveness as well. spending time with your fam sounds like a great goal for 2010!

Manic Mommy said...

Very nice. And very true.

My husband's company shuts down between Christmas and New Years and we had a wonderful time doing next to nothing.

Happy New Year!

Captain Dumbass said...

Sounds like a good resolution. Think I'll join you on that one.

PJ Mullen said...

I used to envy my friends that got to do a lot of travel for work. Now, not so much. I hope you get to stay local this year and get to share in all the moments both special and mundane. They are all worth it.

seashore subjects said...

What a great post!

surprised mom said...

Wonderful post! If I go outside I'd be up to my knee caps in snow. It seems like it's been snowing for weeks here, except that it's been just about 24 hours. Is it spring yet?

One of the reasons I'm on hiatus with my writing is that I needed, wanted to get back to the mundane, so I could share all those "moments" with my family. It's working.

Have a great 2010!