Monday, February 15, 2010

No Matter How Cold the Winter, Baseball is Ahead

It has snowed three times in the past week here in southwest Arkansas.

The winter Olympics are all over the TV and the news right now. Although I have to admit I sometimes have felt like Homer Simpson when he proclaimed on last nights episode "There's a winter Olympics?!"

You can have snow skiing, ice skating, ski jumping, and every other cold weather sport. I am tired of the cold. I am longing for the winter to end and the spring to begin.  I dream of sunny days, blooming flowers, green grass, and baseball.  That's right, baseball.

All around Florida and Arizona major league players are reporting to camp. The official "pitchers and catchers report" is happening this Wednesday for my favorites, the St. Louis Cardinals.

I can think of no better words to warm my heart in the deep dark cold of winter. I wrote this last year about Baseball's return. I think Weasel Momma and my darling wife were the only readers on board at that time so be sure to go back and check it out.

As for this year I look forward to sharing a little bit more of the season with Braden.  It will be a while before he can play catch, but he is already hitting off the tee with great ferocity. Just yesterday he sent two balls flying out of his room and down the hall with a vicious cut reminiscent of a roid raging Mark McGwire.

By the end of the summer Braden will be approaching two years old. Maybe by then I can get him to say Pujols. I think it's a noble goal.


Mama B said...

Well I was going to leave you comment telling you I was looking forward to spring too, but than you mentioned you were a Cardinals fan so I will just say :-P PSSSSSSSSSSSST

Long suffering Cubs fan

Brian Miller said...

lol. cant wait for baseball...spring is just around the corner.

Katherine said...

Southwest Arkansas? Do you know where Foreman is? It's close to DeQueen and Texarkana. I spent a good portion of my life in that very tiny town.

I heard from friends down there that it snowed. It's snowed more here than I can remember since I've been up here. Not in inches, but days. I'm ready for warmer weather, but for different reasons.

I think it'll be great to share something you love so much with Braden. It's one of the many things us parents get to do with our children!

Anonymous said...

If you ever get a chance, you need to take Braden to the Field of Dreams. There's magic there . . .

PJ Mullen said...

If you can get Braden to say Pujols, you better get that on video. That will be priceless.

surprised mom said...

I can see you and Braden decked out in your St. Louis Cardinals shirts and caps, sitting back, enjoying a cold one (beer in your cup, juice in his) and cheering for your favorite team. It's a nice picture, isn't it?

Spring and baseball, it's when you can breathe easier and go outside without wearing 17 layers.

I had the same reaction about the Olympics. And I can't believe it has snowed in Arkansas. Believe it or not, Arkansas is the one place The Mister talked about retiring to. But snow? I've had enough of that here.

WeaselMomma said...

The thought of sunshine and baseball season is warming my soul also. I have had enough of winter.

Mike said...

You and I are from kindred spirit. We just root for different teams.

I love that baseball is just around the corner, my favorite time of year is coming.

John said...

Love spring training for the same reason (As you know from reading my blog.)

Between the hope springs eternal articles in the paper to the sign-up process for Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball, it's good to know March is almost here.

John from Fatherhoody