Friday, May 7, 2010

Gary Busey on Moms

As a blogger that writes solely to record his life so some day in the future the aliens will know I was here, I find it necessary to write about all the important happening in my life. That includes posting about major anniversaries and holidays. Sunday is one of those days, Mother's Day. I wanted to write something about this day for Mom's, but I wasn't sure what angle to take. Then I was inspired by Gary Busey.

I have always enjoyed Busey-isms since I first heard him explain that GONE meant Getting Over Negative Energy. Granted Mr. Busey had a motorcycle accident that resulted in some brain damage so I shouldn't get enjoyment out of his predicament. His hilarious self proclaimed Busey-isms however, are just too good not to enjoy.

As a change in pace from my normal holiday praises I thought I would come up with an Otter-ism defining the word Mother or better yet Mom. Short words make me more comfortable. That should be easy enough, and it will be something completely new for this space.

I began by searching the online thesaurus for synonyms starting with M for every word my feeble mind could find relevant to my purpose. I was struggling to find the right fit. It seemed that there just weren't enough descriptive or powerful words that started with M.

Then it occurred to me why I was having trouble. The most powerful word I know starting with the letter M is the word Mother itself.  What other word conjures up so many powerful feelings? What other word is synonymous with nurturing, caring, patience, kindness, and love?  It can also bring about thoughts of discipline and protection.  Maybe the word Mother reminds you of apple pie or your favorite casserole.  Simply put the words Mother and Mom mean a great deal to everyone everywhere.

Who am I to try and give even greater meaning to such a powerful word by using a short descriptive phrase. I am certainly not a great wordsmith who can use the English language as a powerful tool to describe moms everywhere. In fact it was probably a little arrogant of me to even try. So I will move on confident in the belief that there is nothing I could come up with that will say more than the word Mom says on its own.  Mom's are just that special.

To the special Mom's in my life I wish a very Happy Mother's Day. I of course mean my mother and Braden's Mom. Arica might not be my mother, but I certainly still celebrate Mother's Day with her because being a great mother to Braden is one of the greatest gifts she can ever give me. And if you have read this blog even a few times you know that she is indeed a great mother.

To all the other Mother's that read my Life of a New Dad I hope you have a great Mother's Day too.

Minder Of Mankind


WeaselMomma said...

You are sweet. Happy Mother's Day to Arica and to your Mom.

Katherine said...

Aww...that's very sweet. And you're right. I don't think there is another word that could be more meaningful than Mother. Minder of Mankind....classic!

Always Home and Uncool said...

Nicely put. But if you're thinking this will get you out of buying a gift, you are crazy.

Burgh Baby said...

You're such a good one. Happy Mother's Day to your Arica and your Mom.

DC Urban Dad said...

Moms totally rock and yes you will need to get her a gift.

seashore subjects said...

That was sweet! Hope you and Braden have an extra special day with Arica!

Portland Dad said...

yeah I'm with uncool, you can't just through up some sweet words and think your off the hook. They were some great words though. Can we come up with our own
Makers Of Miracles

PJ Mullen said...

Moms, apple pie and baseball, it doesn't get much more American than that, right? :)

A very happy Mother's Day to your mom and Arica. Braden's a lucky little boy.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. moms are cool...sweet post man. hope your fam has a great mothers day!

Brandy said...

I like minder of mankind. Happy mom day to your peeps

SurprisedMom said...

This was a touching post. Happy Mother's Day to Arica. She is a wonderful Mom to Braden. Happy Mother's Day to your mom and Arica's mom, too.

Captain Dumbass said...

Well said, Otter, well said.