Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now Braden Likes...

I wrote a post called Braden Likes back in September. Someone suggested at the time that I revisit the subject as Braden got older. Well he will be 18 months old next week so now seems like a good time.  I have edited the previous entries and added a few more to create Now Braden Likes...

Daddy likes Pearl Jam
Mommy likes Lady Antebellum
Now Braden still likes any music but he loves the Barney song

Mommy likes baseball
Daddy likes baseball, basketball, and football
Now Braden still likes any ball but I think he likes basketball and baseball best

Daddy likes steak medium rare
Mommy likes steak medium rare
Now Braden likes chicken but still hasn't tried steak

Mommy likes to bake
Daddy likes to cook
Now Braden likes to carry spoons around the house

Daddy likes any kind of fish
Mommy likes fried fish
Now Braden likes fish sticks

Mommy likes Diet Pepsi
Daddy likes Mt. Dew
Now Braden likes whole milk and juice

Daddy likes flip flops
Mommy likes all shoes
Now Braden loves all shoes. He won't let you take them off.

Mommy likes shopping
Daddy likes fishing
Now Braden likes going outside. I think that is why he always keeps his shoes on.

Daddy likes to sit on the couch
Mommy likes to lay on the couch
Now Braden likes to climb on the couch

Mommy likes to carry her phone everywhere
Daddy likes to carry his wallet everywhere
Now Braden likes to carry his monkey everywhere

Daddy likes t-shirts
Mommy likes dresses
Now Braden is OK with putting on clothes because it might mean he can go outside.

Mommy likes Goodfellas
Daddy likes The Godfather
Now Braden prefers Barney to gangster movies and everything else for that matter

Daddy likes showers
Mommy likes showers and baths
Now Braden still likes baths

Mommy likes dogs
Daddy likes dogs
Now Braden tolerates dogs because he has to in order to go outside

Daddy loves Braden
Mommy loves Braden
Now Braden still loves us too


Katherine said...

Wow. This will be a very nice thing to have when Braden gets older. What a great way to remember how quickly he changes.

Brandy said...

I like these posts.

PJ Mullen said...

Outside is always fun, until it gets unbearably humid, then I force little man inside :)

SurprisedMom said...

You can see how Braden is growing up and is interested in new things. I hope you keep updating "Braden Likes" because it will interesting to read how he is developing. I like this!

seashore subjects said...

Great post. If shoes are required to go outside, no wonder he keeps them on!