Friday, May 14, 2010

Ordinary Average Guy

It's no secret that having a kid changes the way you look at things. Everything from picture frames (potential glass shards) to flowers (deadly bee attractants) have a different look now.

Having a kid can change the way you watch TV and movies. Any show with a kidnapped child is extra difficult to watch when you have children of your own.  Of course you might need to change your R rated movie watching habits as well.

Once you are a parent you look at the teenagers at the mall differently. Your comments go from these kids drive me crazy to I would never let my daughter dress like that or where are their parents. Of course teenagers at the mall still drive me crazy.

Music is affected by having kids too. Obviously you might listen to more children's songs and less Metallica, and some of the songs you continue listening too will have different meanings altogether. For instance good ole country songs about father and son are more special to me now.

Yesterday Braden helped me see another song in a new light. We were playing outside in the backyard like we do most afternoons after work. Braden was picking up rocks and putting them through the chain link fence. I was petting the dogs and not paying much attention to his rock moving chores.

Then I heard Braden grunt something at me from my left. I turned to see his outstretched hand offering me a gift. It was dog poo.

At that moment when I should have been thinking of every disease on earth all I could hear was Joe Walsh singing in my head. With my apologies to Mr. Walsh the soundtrack of my life at that very moment went something like this:

Braden picked up the dog doo, I'm glad it was hard. ruff. ruff.


Eric said...

What's changed with me is the movies and shows where there is a happy resolution, (i.e. parent kid reconnect regardless of age, a family is made whole again, the right guy gets the girl)

I hate those movies. Freaking Adam Sandler..

Before I got married it was all about movies with guns..

Katherine said...

You're right...we do see the world differently. And other, older kids? Yeah, I look at them differently, too.

My biggest thing....I understand that it's not always the parent's fault that their kid is screaming in the store!

Brandy said...

totally yuck! I'm glad we don't have dogs right now. As far as a different world - totally. I used to love Law & Order SVU and now I can't do it. It's much harder to watch that kind of stuff

seashore subjects said...

Honestly laughing loudly! Yup, squishy poo would be worse!

otin said...

I have stepped in fresh dog poo with bare feet. That is not enjoyable, but picking it up....eww lol

Chris (@tessasdad) said...

Wow, great musical reference. I could only think of "Who Let the Dogs Out."

Captain Dumbass said...

I saw a girl on the way home today that at first glance I took to be a hooker and not the high school kid she turned out to be. Glad I have boys.

SurprisedMom said...

Yes, your last line left me laughing out loud!

Kids do make you see the world differently. As the mom of two teen girls I'm still looking at it differently. Thankfully, I never had to look at dog poo in my children's hands and think of a Joe Walsh song :D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Get Ready Dad said...

I've been trying to formulate my thoughts on having a dog and kid for a blog post, but every time I sit down to write, one of them needs me!

PJ Mullen said...

Music definitely changes once you have a kid. We were at a wedding last night and the bride danced to some country song - I have no idea who did it - and it got me all choked up because I could already imagine that being my baby girl and she isn't even born yet.

twistedxtian said...

At first I found it strange that I suddenly had trouble watching shows or movies that I previously would have had no problem with.

I love that the first thing through your head was Joe Walsh. :)