Monday, July 26, 2010

Over One Billion Served

Last week we had another major milestone development in our family. We were driving down the road to pick up Arica's car from the body shop where it had some paint repaired. We passed a building that everyone in America would recognize, and on this day Braden recognized it too.

From the back seat Arica and I heard "nunnet, nunnet" as Braden pointed out the window. He had just recognized McDonald's for the first time, and he wanted some chicken nuggets.

Before all you health nuts go crazy you you should know that we only feed Braden McDonald's 5 times a week. I think it is good for him to have a well rounded diet so we save the other two days for pizza and burritos.

Seriously though he gets a Happy Meal from time to time like most other kids. In my opinion the bigger threat to our kids health is technology. Sitting inside with video games and computers day after day in lieu of exercise is much worse than having a cheeseburger or chicken nugget.

Either way it's fun to see your kids recognize the world around them whether it be a McDonald's or the organic tofu market.


Eric said...

Dude, Happy Meals are EVIL!!!

Not the nuggets or the burgers or the fries or the drink..

I'm talking about the crappy toys they give. It may not be so bad with just Braden, but I got three kids who like McDonalds. That's three toys. I have to order all boy toys because there will be fights.

I got so many dang Last Airbender toys I would just toss them in the trash when the kids weren't looking.

Just beware.

SurprisedMom said...

What is it about kids and McDonald's? For some it's the first thing they recognize outside of their immediate little world. I know my girls, my nieces and nephews all recognized McDonald's by the time they were Braden's age. Does McDonald's somehow hypnotize these children through their commercials? BTW, I am SO happy that I don't have to deal with Happy Meals and all those plastic toys anymore!

Brandy said...

i like their nuggets. and i love that you feed him mcd's 5 days a week. lol

Manic Mommy said...

Left to their own devices, mine *would* eat it five days a week. I think HRH's first consumer moment was a Dunkin Donuts, courtesy of his Nana.

Brian Miller said...

the southwest salad at McD's is pretty tight...we have happy meal toys

Anonymous said...

I hate hate hate Happy Meal toys! I have 3 boxes of them destined for a yard sale (if I ever get around to it). Just beware that you can't go to McDonald's and not get a Happy Meal. I tried that with my 2 kids, to keep the cost down, and all sorts of fits ensued.

PJ Mullen said...

Five, really? Wow. That's a lot. We only let him have mcd's four times a week. The other days he requests Chick Fila :)

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat. My son prefers the cheeseburger happy meal, which after him not eating meat for the longest time makes me happy he's turning into a carnivore.

Rob said...

I see nothing wrong with pizza, burritos and chicken nuggets. They are the 3 major food groups. But you do need to add ice cream to the list. LOL.

Que said...

My daughter is almost 5 and can easily say McDonalds but she refuses to. She just calls the place "Happy Meal". I can't figure out why.

But I'm with you on the health concerns. I think it's more important to make sure your child gets the exercise they need than worrying about a 1 time week Chicken McNugget meal.