Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Your Favorite Animal?

George Costanza was once interviewing candidates for a scholarship from the Susan Ross foundation. This was something he didn't really want to do, and his methods were interesting to say the least. Here is an excerpt from one of those interviews.

George: Quick, what's your favorite animal?
Candidate: I don't know...Frog?
George: Frog?
Candidate: Well...I...I..
George: Frog is wrong.

We went to the St. Louis Zoo on our vacation a couple weeks ago and I got to see my favorite animal, the tiger. Below are pics of that and much more, including Braden's favorite animal the "mummy".

Braden looking at a live version of a mummy.

Braden checking out a mummy picture.

I have seen Madagascar 2 way too many times on HBO. I kept imagining this zebra talking like Chris Rock.

Braden did the Build-a-Bear thing.

Except he built a Penguin. His choice.


Later he picked up this girl. She just climbed right in his ride. I was beaming with pride. You can see my right arm and leg beaming in the picture.

Don't worry. It's not the peyote. Braden really is sitting on a giant blue frog.

No comment. I just liked this picture.

Here we all are at the zoo for photographic evidence.

The little man finally just gave out from animal overload.


Brandy said...

I love a good seinfeld reference.

And G has those same shorts. We still haven't hit the zoo and from looking at your pictures it still looks to hot to go.

Cute Braden pictures

SurprisedMom said...

I just love it when you post photos so I can see how Braden is growing up. He looks like he had a great time at the zoo, so do you and Arica. He looks like he really conked out at the end. What a day he must have had!

I have to ask. Is Braden biting the nose of that penguin? Also, did the little girl just get into the car with Braden? What was his reaction?

I really like your family portrait. You guys look good.

twistedxtian said...

Yay for the Zoo! He looks like he had a blast.

We have a yearly pass for our local zoo, and it is only a 20ish minute walk away so we head there regularly.

Katherine said...

I love that episode...of course, I love most Seinfeld episodes.

Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm going to have to get Ethan up to that zoo sometime. I hear its great....ours is alright, but nothing spectacular.

Braden is so cute! He's looking more and more like a little boy.

otin said...

OMG! He has gotten so big! I have not been here(or much of anywhere) in a while. I got a few good tiger pics last time I went to the zoo!

Que said...

I like mummies, too!

Loved the pics.

WeaselMomma said...

What a great trip to St. Louis! I like the mummy a lot myself and Braden's BaB penguin is adorable.

Captain Dumbass said...

Nice work with the ladies, Braden.

Melinda said...

great pics as always. he's getting so big and even more adorable

PJ Mullen said...

You mean all zebras don't sound like Chris Rock? Guess I can skip the zoo :)