Monday, November 22, 2010

Avatar Describes My Child

There are a few constants in my life. Greatest among them are Arica, Braden, and probably the TV. Since this is a blog about being a Dad it only makes sense that I would eventually compare Braden to TV. Well that day has come.

People never seem to understand why Arica and I have so little free time. They never understand why we say it is so tiring watching Braden. They don't understand why we need to have two parents around as often as possible. These people either raised or have only been around calm kids. They haven't been exposed to kids like Braden. That is the only answer. Because if they watched Braden for a few hours they would not only understand, but they would add us to their daily prayer list as well.

Thinking about this recently I came up with a comparison between watching different types of kids and watching TV. The first and oldest way to watch TV these days is what we now call standard definition TV. It is grainy. It's not to clear. SDTV is just there. SDTV kids are much the same. They are just there. They don't jump into your face. They aren't exceedingly vibrant or colorful. Maybe they are thinkers, and behave much like the statue of the same name. Regardless of the reason it is even possible to forget these kids are in the room at times.

The next type of TV viewing is high definition TV. This TV format has become so common that it is becoming the standard for TV watching. HDTV is made up of much more vivid colors and a clearer picture. It draws your attention and often times simply demands to be watched.  It is much harder to ignore HDTV. HDTV kids are just the same.

The newer type of TV entering the market is 3D TV. Watching TV or a movie in 3D is a much more interactive experience. The show leaps off the screen and right into your face. A 3D kid will do the same. You can't ignore them. They will just climb up in your lap and poke you in the face if you try.

Well Braden is even beyond 3D. I have decided watching him is like watching Avatar 3D in the movie theater. If you went to the theater to see James Cameron's creation then this analogy probably makes a lot more sense. I have never been more immersed in a movie before. It was colorful. It was full of action. And all of it seemed to happen right in my lap.

So there you have it. Watching Braden is like being attacked by flying multicolored dragon birds while giant blue people with magical ponytails try to pierce your heart with an arrow. Any questions?


Brandy@YDK said...

That's hilarious. I think Braden is more of a handful than Grayson. I do let G destroy things just so I can sit still for 5 minutes. things like a whole roll of packing tape. yap - super mom

James (SeattleDad) said...

Ahh, yes. I totally get that!! Great post. Love the analogy.

seashore subjects said...

This post made me remember my mom telling me once that watching me chase my kids around made her tired. When I reminded her she had 6 (double my 3) she said yeah but you forget because they get easier.

I didn't believe her at the time, but it's true. :)

SurprisedMom said...

No questions. I understand completely. But think how much more interesting 3DTV has make watching TV. In the same vein, think how much more interesting Braden has made your life. . . even if you are more exhausted. :) Now I can admit that I'm happy that mine are just about grown and I let them watch TV by themselves. :D

I hope you, Arica and Braden have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Katherine said...

Okay, so we're getting Avatar on Blu-Ray to watch on our new HDTV. While it won't be 3D, I'll keep this in mind. But I can tell you now that by your description, I'd have to put Ethan in the 3D category as well.

Told Clint I was coming home at 2 today to clean and cook. He said, "Wish i could be here." My response? I don't because then Ethan would be here and I wouldn't be able to get anything done! Love my child and I love being with him, but he is so IN YOUR FACE. It's like we have the same kid! I keep telling myself that his personality and characteristics will serve him well in the future! :)

PJ Mullen said...

I've never seen Avatar, but that about sums up spending five minutes with my son.