Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Time is eternal. Yet for each of us our time on earth is only temporary. The amount of time we have is finite, and even worse yet is the fact that we don't know when the end will come.

So why do I continue to worry about how much time I can spend deer hunting this year? Why do I worry about how to finagle the weekend schedule so I can watch the game? Why am I so concerned about getting to work when I have a sick kid at home?

Sure I need to work. It pays the bills. I even need to go deer hunting. It helps keep me refreshed and sane.

Still, why can't I spend just as much time worrying about how to make the weekend special for my son? Why can't I spend more time planning weekend activities for our family?

I think it comes down to the sinful desire to be in control of everything and the need to get what I want in life. Sometimes it's like being the driver of a bus that just went over a cliff. I can beat my chest and say look at me I am driving this bus. I am in control. But the reality is that I have lost control and the bus is going to crash. Often times the struggle for control ends up just like that. One party wrestles control from the other only to get a bird's eye view of the disaster they caused.

It would be much more enjoyable to be a passenger on a safe and happy bus than to be the driver of that bus headed for doom. Based on that poor analogy one can infer that I think the solution is to give up control. That is certainly easier said than done, but giving of myself is the best thing I can do as a Dad and husband.

I think I will always struggle with selfishness. I hope I can make steady improvements though. There is no time guaranteed to any of us, so there is no room for procrastination. I have to go out today and make the most of the time I have.

I plan to start by giving both my wife and son a big hug when I get home. Time is my greatest luxury. Giving it all to them would be my greatest gift.


Eric said...

I'm not selfish in the way I need to do things that keep me sane. it's more of me feeling I need to do this to keep things afloat.. whether it's working overtime, cleaning a room or taking care of something..

but the times i do take to blow those off, i forget my anxiety and have fun..

Captain Dumbass said...

You can spend all your time looking after everybody else's needs, but if you don't look after your own it's just going to make you bitter, and that doesn't help anybody.

Otter Thomas said...

@Captain: The concept is that when you give willingly to others then they in turn give to you if you do it selflessly. You don't have to worry about being in control everything will take care of itself. I believe in this concept fully although I often get an F in execution.