Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Week

Birthday week is upon us, and it feels a lot like what I imagine Super Bowl week feels like for the teams involved. There are many preparations to be made. We have to game plan and make sure we are ready. The only difference is at the end of Birthday week we are guaranteed a party. We don't have to fight for the right to party like the Beastie Boys or the two Super Bowl combatants.

Birthday week kicked off in full on Sunday with a party at my Mom and Dad's house. Braden got to celebrate his birthday early so all the family in that area which is 2.5 hours away could celebrate with him. It helps them celebrate more easily, and it also gives Braden the opportunity to have 2 parties. He deserves it.

So with Braden's 2nd birthday approaching on Friday we have already celebrated once. Look at all the fun we had and you will see why we are so excited to do it again this weekend.

The first party was a Hot Dog party. That's Mickey Mouse if you didn't know. Braden's friend Big Hot Dog even showed up.

Braden blew out all his candles by himself.

Then he fell into the cake.

Here's proof on his shirt.

And here's more proof.

Braden loves cake no matter if it is smashed or not.

Then we opened some presents.

And more presents. 

Finally we closed out the day with candy and a few smiles.


Melinda said...

really, 2 years old, already
he's adorable!

Katherine said...

Seems like yesterday that you posted a video of his first birthday. I know my son is the same age, but it just doesn't seem possible that Braden is 2 already!

Enjoy your 2nd party. He does deserve it!

Eric said...

We had the big birthday bash this past weekend for the triad. It was like blur to me. We're doing my daughter's second birthday on Sunday. It'll close out birthday season for us thank goodness.

Brandy@YDK said...

awwww what a fun party! happy birthday braden

Rob said...

WOW. 2 yrs old already time flies. That means I have been reading your blog for a yr. WOW. Nothing wrong with having a birthday week. That is how I like to roll. Looks like a great party!

Old School/New School Mom said...

What a rock star birthday! Go Braden! That cake looks amazing, but then again I am pregnant and love food. But seriously, happy birthday!