Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday Party Madness

There are so many different angles that I could take in posting about Braden's birthday party this past weekend. First I will start it off with a video and picture of Braden tearing into his cake.

Next I want to take a little time to write about how much work it was to put on a party. My always ambitious wife put on a great party. As a result she was busier than that proverbial one legged man. Arica spent Saturday cooking. Then she went up to the church late Saturday night to set up as much as she could. It started all again on Sunday morning. She was there ready to pounce with the remainder of decorations as soon as Sunday school was over. She spent the final few hours finishing the food preparations. The spread at this party was one of the best I have ever tasted and I have tried them all. Thanks so much Arica for putting on an amazing party. You are the best.

I could follow with the angle about how annoying other peoples kids can be. They ran around screaming and yelling. They get in the birthday boys face and try to be the center of attention at all times. They can drive you crazy.

Another topic could be how the ability to use tools separates us from the animals. I probably lost you on that one. Well look at my ingenious son in the video below improvising by using his candle to eat his cake. He gets an A+ in the field of creative destruction.

Instead I think I will take the remainder of this space to write about how amazing it feels to see all the love flow from so many other people for your child. Yes much of it is because they love the parents, but they wouldn't all show up for our birthday party.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity of all our family and friends. People gave until it hurt as the old saying goes. As a result Braden is now prancing through a playground dream right in his own home. It is impossible to walk through our house without twisting an ankle on a randomly located toy. You might also take an inadvertent ride on tiny truck placed just perfectly to take you down. Our home looks like Santa's workshop exploded.

All this gives both Arica and I a special feeling. I know Braden won't remember his party. He didn't even know a lot of the people there. Nonetheless I know that our work paid off by giving Braden a special day. The look on his face as he happily plowed through his personal birthday cake was priceless. That joy will go on in his life for some time. Every time he plays with some of his new toys it will take flight again.

Throwing a party for Braden was a wonderful thing. It was a wonderful day that Arica and I didn't want to end. We laid in bed well past our normal bedtime laughing and talking about the day. There is nothing like a party and a little love from your friends and family to make everything seem right with the world.


Brandy said...

looks like a great party - good job arica! happy birthday braden.

seashore subjects said...

It sound (& looks) like it was a wonderful day! And Braden was absolutely adorable covering himself with blue frosting!

otin said...

It looks like he had a great party!

Did he get over being sick?

You are truly a good guy!

surprised mom said...

Happy Birthday Braden! You'll just have to read and look at this post to know you had a great time!

Great job Arica! You worked hard and it showed!

I"m so glad your family and friends showered Braden not only with gifts but love. That's what makes it so special.

Oh, and Otter, just walk around your house with your head and eyes down so you don't twist ankles and take unexpected rides. I don't know how tall you are, but when you're short, it's easy. LOL

Captain Dumbass said...

Letting them go to town on their own cake is great. Glad you all enjoyed it.

WeaselMomma said...

What on earth is even left for Santa to bring now that you have emptied his workshop?

Baby News said...

Looks like he really liked that cake! Our house also become quite toy filled after the party. Looks like your wife through an excellent first birthday, and you're right, he won't remember it. But let's be honest. It's really for the parents anyway (at this stage, I think).

PJ Mullen said...

Excellent use of the candle as your implement of destruction Braden! Nicely done.

Rob said...

Looks like it was an awesome party.

Not sure why but 1st birthday parties are always alot of work but on the flip side they are a ton of fun.

Thanks for sharing.

KWG said...

Bea's first birthday was a lovefest for friends and family as well. Good times! Except Bea didn't tear into the cake like Braden did - she freaked out over the singular attention during singing happy birthday and wailed in fear. The rest of the time she dug it though.

Glad you all had a great time!