Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It is the Random Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I think this should be a special random Tuesday. We have to purge our system properly before the big eating festival on the horizon. Stop over and see Keely for more randomness.


  • My lawyer friend emailed me last week and told me that one of his client's just told him that he felt like he was in a catch-69. There are just no words to express my feelings about that.
  • I learned about a contest at Parenting Magazine from Katherine at Another Day, Another Moment. Stop by and meet her and her son Ethan if you haven't already. I told Arica about this contest, and she entered a picture of Braden. Check it out here, and vote if you like. We are not trying to force Braden into child modeling to support our three pack a day Oreo habit. We are just having fun, and trying to dominate the other children.
  • I have just been nominated to be on our church's board of directors. I am not sure if I am more scared for the church or society in general. You people know me. This can't end well, right?
  • I am signing up to take the Professional Engineering exam in the state of Arkansas in the spring. It will take a lot of hard work and studying to pass. But if I do pass then I will fulfill a lifelong dream of mine and be able to put a couple initials after my name. I would then be Otter Thomas, P.E.
  • I really wanted to have another wonderfully random bullet point, but I have nothing. Happy Random Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving.


I am Harriet said...

Good luck with your exam!
Have a great RTT!

Katherine said...

Great! Now Ethan has competition! Just kidding. It's all for fun, right? Love the picture. Very cute.

Good luck with the exam. I'm sure you can do it. And congrats on the church nomination. I'm excited to hear more about how that turns out! :)

Brian Miller said...

catch-69, rofl.

good luck on the exam...its cool to chase your dreams.

and congrats on the church board, i think. smiles. i have sat in on quite a few of those meetings.

happy thanksgiving!

PJ Mullen said...

Maybe that's why your friends client needs a lawyer :)

Good luck on the exam and I hope you and the family have a great Thanksgiving.

rxBambi said...

I have no idea with the exam will be like, but if its anything like the NAPLEX then have fun studying for it the next (what?) 4 months! Yikes. Gimme the questions, I'll quiz ya.
Happy RTT and Thanksgiving to you too!

otin said...

Good luck on that exam when it comes up!

Catch 69 lmao!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing better than a good southern cooked Thanksgiving dinner! I love collards!

Rob said...

Good luck on the studing and exam when it comes up.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

surprised mom said...

Your first thought made me bust out laughing . . . at work . . . in front of patients and co-workers. They looked at me like I was nuts. LOl
Of course I went over to the site and voted! What a cutie! Rock on Braden! (And you two dominate on . . . )
Laughing again . . . I'm sure society and your church will be just fine! Just think of it as bringing a unique point of view to the board.
Good luck with your exam! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors and proudly put P.E. after your name. Otter Thomas P.E. does have a nice ring to it!
Finally, I hope you, Arica and Braden have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving! I will lift my glass in a toast to all of you.

WeaselMomma said...

Happy Thanksgiving and watch out for those catch 69s.

seashore subjects said...

Thanks for the laughter this morning! Good luck with your new adventures.