Thursday, May 21, 2009

Killer Dogs

I learned a valuable lesson in parenting on Monday. Every action we take affects our children. We are completely responsible for how they turn out. If we take a different path we get a different result. So, as parents, we must think long and hard about the decisions we make regarding our children.

Of course any reasonable human should have already known that. I, in fact, did know that already, but sometimes something so vile happens that it makes things all the more clear. One of these things happened at our house Monday.

An innocent creature died. He was no doubt living his life high on the hog. He probably had just enjoyed a nice meal. His girlfriend was surely nearby as he strutted his stuff and showed off his rugged good looks. Then something happened. Perhaps a stranger came to close. Maybe a loud noise or a mean word.

Whatever startled the victim clearly was enough to cause him to lose his senses. And because he lost his sense he then lost his life. It must have been a terrifying ordeal in order to make this fellow commit such a crucial error.

My actions led us to this point by seriously affecting our forgotten furry children. No doubt my dogs have been hardened by life outside. They were once lovable creatures that slept at the foot of our bed. They were always nearby hoping for a pat on the head or trying to sneak a lick on the hand. How could these lovable creatures go so bad. Living in the wild and fending for yourself apparently sets off something in a dogs head. They become very territorial. They are ready to defend their turf with their lives.

The way of life in the wild is kill or be killed. This time my dogs killed.

And that turkey never had a chance.


Russ said...

So, are you gonna cook that?

Sarah @ said...

On the up side, at least you know that nothing smaller than a turkey can attempt to invade your home.

Melisa with one S said...

I'm sorry; I'm laughing my head off. The picture is hysterical (no offense to the dead turkey).

Are you going to have a funeral?

Daddy Files said...

Good puppies!! Turkeys are mean friggin animals. We have wild turkeys everywhere around us and one of them trapped me in my car once when I was a teenager.

Now cook that shit up!

JonnyTam13 said...

Based on the picture, I'd have to guess that the one on the right did it. He's got a guilty face on

surprised mom said...

I'm sorry, but neither of those two look like killer animals. LMAO! We don't have wild turkeys where I live, but if I ever run across one, I'll know who to call to get rid of it! Just let us know what happened to the dead turkey. You didn't really cook it, did you?

Anonymous said... sad....
Left to their own, a child will forge their own path. You're right, we have to be very conscientious of every move we make since every move we make affects our children and their reaction, in turn affects someone else.
I was so saddened about the turkey and it certainly caused me to stop and think this morning.
I think you're wrong. I think you're much deeper than that lake and I think you must be a wonderful father to Braden.

Andrew's Daddies said...

Are you sure it's dead?..Perhaps Weasel Momma can find a way to revive it. She has some extensive experience in that...How big is your freezer?

GreenJello said...