Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Flood

This post should need no introduction. By now you know what the title means. So Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride through my wandering mind.


  • On one hand I am so sick of the rain that I am contemplating buying some goats and camels and relocating to the Sahara desert.
  • On the other hand I hope it keeps raining. I live on a mountain, and if the town floods people will pay me handsome sums of money for room on my property.
  • Arica is watching one of her friends kids during the day for a few weeks. It is amazing how much more annoying other people's kids are than your own.
  • Is it possible that Snoopy started sleeping on top of his house to avoid a flood.
  • Engineering drawings often have pictures of people on them to show the scale. The one I am looking at right now has a man with a hard hat and safety goggles. OSHA must require those things on cartoon people now.
  • Why is it the incredible edible egg. I am more inclined to say the incredible edible cow.
  • Lost is over for the year. I am sad.
  • Lost has only one more season ever. I am beyond sad.
  • There is a small strip mall next to the lake on one of the main roads in town. It has a liquor store, next to a tobacco store, next to a tattoo parlor, next to a bar. I just thought that needed to be shared.
  • I saw my cousin Eric, whom I posted about here, over Mother's Day weekend. He reminded me that once when we were pretty young we disected a turtle. I always wondered how to do that and it turns out I already knew.
  • My boss asks me at least twice a week how I like the coffee. It is the same coffee made by the same person every day. Today I resorted to "It's keeping me awake."
  • My alma mater should be sad that I actually visited campus for the first time in nine years this weekend. With all the shiny new buildings they have it's obvious they don't need any donations from this alumnus.
  • According to Google I rank #20 in the search "baby shoots dad." I'm pretty sure that is not a good sign.


surprised mom said...

Baby shoots dad? OMG! How did Google come up with that one and how did they figure you rank #20? Random thought indeed. Disecting a turtle sounds like something I would have done in hs biology. How did you and Eric come to disect this particular turtle? I had already read your other post about Eric. How is he doing? Did they have the baby yet? Thanks for your random thoughts.

PJ Mullen said...

No doubt on the donations issue. My tiny little college just outside of Boston has doubled in size and it adding a law school. They obviously don't need my money, but for some reason they keep calling me. I always tell them I'd be happy to as soon as I finish paying for the privilege of having gone there.

Anonymous said...

Every single time I visited my grandfather he asked, "How you set for underwear girl? Do you have enough underwear?"

Why do I feel a need to search your blog for the post about the pistol packin baby?

Otter Thomas said...

@surprised mom: Eric and his wife are still about 5 weeks away from their due date. Everyone is doing fine.

GreenJello said...

Next time, answer with a surprised look on your face: "Coffee? This is supposed to be coffee?"

Daddy Files said...

Thanks a lot. Now I want to get drunk, smoke some cigarettes and get a tattoo.

And regarding the Google search terms, I've learned that an unfortunate side effect to having "Daddy" in my site name is dealing with all the homosexual search terms of "gay daddy" and "silver daddy penis" and "daddy's big gay dick" that I pop up on.

So "baby shoots dad" isn't so bad.

Swoozie said...

It never ceases to amaze me just HOW annoying other people's kids are! LMAO!

Sounds like that strip mall has got all the bases covered......

Frogs in my formula said...

Oh no! I missed the last Lost episode?? Say it isn't so.

Dto3 said...

What really disturbs me is that you were able to figure out that "Baby Shoots Dad" linked to you. Hmmm.

Tom said...

I think strip mall needs a gun shop, so the BATF can have one-stop shopping.

As for google searches, mine still ranks pretty high with "life cycle of the hippo" for some reason. I really don't know why.

Manic Mommy said...

Do you write these down? I think of a thousand ridiculous, funny (at least to me) things a day and then forget them almost as quickly.

Has anyone warned Arica that her pre-baby brain cells are gone for good? Just thought I'd share the love.

Otter Thomas said...

@Manic Mommy: These are the ones that I can remember until I get to a computer to type them. Some weeks I can remember a bunch. Sometimes I have nothing.