Friday, June 19, 2009

First Father's Day

With Father's Day upon us there is much talk about what Dad means to you. My Dad means a great deal to me. If you have read much of my blog you will find all kinds of references to things we did together when I was growing up. That is one unexpected thing I have gained from blogging. I realized how good a Dad I have. Thanks for always being there and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!

Since this blog is about my life as a new dad it would make sense to post something about me. What would be my perfect Father's Day? What makes me a good Dad? Am I a good Dad? How does it feel to celebrate your first Father's Day? All of these questions could be answered or attempted anyway. Of course I am not going to write about myself. Instead I decided to take a different route.

I am very close with Braden. I spend hours each day trying to decipher his facial expressions, grunts, and cries. I feel I can read his mind most of the time. Since I can read his mind I know that he approves of this idea. I will attempt to convey a few of Braden's thoughts about his Dad on this first Father's Day we will share together.
  1. Dad is the big guy with hair on his face. That hair really tickles when he tries to kiss me. I laugh and scream and he thinks it's funny. I really just want him to stop. Can't he remember when he was a kid and people tormented him. I can't wait until I can talk.

  2. Dad is the guy that makes a lot of noise. He is either talking really loud or dragging his feet around the house. He stomps and runs into things very gracefully. I can't tell you how many mornings he has woke me and Mommy up.

  3. Dad is certifiably crazy. He is always making crazy faces and saying silly things. This man just breaks into song at any time. You never know what he is going to do next. I have repeatedly given him the stink eye but this does not deter him.

  4. Dad likes to take me outside. This is a big plus because as a baby I am unable to work the doors. If I could work those things I would be out there in a minute. Stuff is always happening outside. Last time I was out there I saw winged creatures travelling through the air above me. It's crazy. How do they do that? I must find out.

  5. Dad takes naps with me sometime. One minute he is sticking a pacifier in my mouth and the next thing I know two hours have passed. I know he has been sleeping too. I can see that half asleep look in his eye. He doesn't fool me.

  6. Dad put up that obstruction between the soft floor and the hard floor. I feel like a caged animal in here. I have been banging around on it. Dad thinks I am just clumsy, but I am checking for the weak spot. I will find it and exploit it.

I think these are probably some things that Braden thinks. I know for sure that he loves me as well, but I am not going to write a love note to myself from my 7 month old son. From my side of the story I will say that being his Dad means everything in the world to me. Seeing him smile is the light of my world.

The first Father's Day is kind of surreal. It doesn't feel right that I am being included in this tradition. This Holiday has always been about my Dad. Of course it still is about him too. He doesn't stop being a Dad just because I became one.

Unfortunately the luster of Father's day is sometimes lost behind all the bad jokes about beer, golf, and remote controls. Now being a father myself has put a different light on the holiday. Not because I think I deserve recognition. I don't. I do nothing more than any other good Dad. It looks different because I have a different appreciation for what it means to be a Dad. Every son or daughter sees things differently after becoming a parent. You can never understand it until it happens to you.

Since I have been blogging I have met a lot of great Dad's. With the pride and understanding only found through living the Life of a New Dad, I want to wish them all a very special Happy Father's Day.

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Brandy said...

That's an awesome tribute. I love the little guy's point of view.

Tyler - Building Camelot said...

Happy first Father's Day man!

Andrew's Daddies said...

Happy 1st Father's Day to you!!!!!
I love your playful posts.

Daddy Files said...

Happy Father's Day! And you're right, the first one feels very weird. Like you're an impostor or you don't really feel like you've earned the right to celebrate Father's Day yet.

But soak it up, it's a great thing.

Bella Daddy said...

Amazing! thanks for this post! One thing I always say, Parents seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a kid...(I Havent) ;-)

Jason said...

Have a great Father's Day! Hopefully your first is better than mine was ;)

KWG said...

Braden, I wanna hang with your Daddy. In fact, Friday afternoons are rockfests with my little Bea. Rock Band is queued up.

Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh but you do deserve to be honored on Father's Day.
What a lovely tribute to two guys you couldn't have done it without!
Happy Father's Day :)

WeaselMomma said...

I think you are a great Dad and should take time to enjoy your special day with your family and don't forget to call your Dad.
BTW ~ Braden's thought were hysterical and probably right on the money. I love this blog.

Melisa with one S said...

Awesome post. My favorite part?

Dad likes to take me outside. This is a big plus because as a baby I am unable to work the doors.

I don't know why, but that sent me into hysterics. :)

Happy Father's Day!

otin said...

It is nice that you have great relationships, You deserve a Happy Fathers day!

Tom said...

Happy Father's Day! Just think, you have a whole lifetime of Father's Days ahead to look forward to. It gets more real every year.

Gabriel said...

Know how you feel. Today is my first fathers' day too, good times and a lifetime of more good times to follow.

PJ Mullen said...

You're little man is highly perceptive. Makes me wonder what my little guy is thinking, hmm. Anyway, since I just got home and am catching up I will have to wish you a belated happy first Fathers Day. I hope you had a nice time with your family.