Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold Me

It's another Monday at the office. I am not a big fan of Monday. I won't say that I have a case of the Monday's because, well that's just stupid. I have the same feelings about that term as the neighbor on Office Space. He says it best so I will let him sum up our feelings about the Monday's with the video below.

Monday is not too awful bad. I get to the office and have that first cup of coffee. I check out my fantasy sports teams and all the news I consider relevant. Some of that news could even be considered real news. When I am all good and cranked up I start my work. It may not be the most efficient way to start a work week, but it is my process.

Today rather than cranking up the old engineering machine I was thinking about this past weekend. What should I share about the two day vacation that has come and gone. I watched a lot of baseball Saturday. We went to church and to the lake on Sunday. Those things aren't really at the top of my list. The thing I keep remembering has to do with Braden.

He crawls all over the place now. Spending time with him is a lot like a wrestling match. I mean Olympic style wrestling not the WWE wrasslin' soap opera. Just like a wrestling match you start with Braden in the middle of the room. He wanders off into a corner or, following the wrestling analogy, goes off the mat. Then you bring him back to the middle to start over. It is a never ending process. Crawl away. Bring him back to start. Crawl away. Bring him back to start. Crawl away. Decide to let him go. He hits his head on something and starts screaming. I get in trouble, and so it continues.

Braden has been doing something new with his crawling. When he wants to be held he now crawls over to me or Arica. I think it is amazing to see his thought process. He actually wants something and knows how to get it. When Arica is on the floor he is constantly crawling all over her. He wants his Mommy to hold him pretty much all the time. I am sure it gets a little difficult for her. He hasn't really done it much to me. He would rather rough house with Dad than hug.

Sunday night Braden and I were in the living room. He looked across the room at me and started his journey. He crawled all the way over and up onto my legs as best he could. Then he looked at me with those big brown eyes as if to say hold me Daddy. Of course my heart melted, and I picked him up for a big hug. Little moments like that are worth more than gold.


Daddy Files said...

Those moments are great. And then you realize he's gotten even smarter. Now that he knows how to work you to get what he wants, he'll flash those eyes and his winningest smile in the hopes you'll get him the remote, or the phone or whatever other shiny object he wants. Then you'll tell him no and just like that, he'll wander over to Arica and do the same thing.

Kids are smart and conniving. Cute, but conniving...

Baby News said...

I remember when Ethan started intentionally making his way over to me. It does make your heart melt. Recently, he's started crawling out of whatever room we were in if I leave. He's actually following me! It's very cute!

Tom said...

Isn't it cool watching him grow and learn and discover his environment? I hope you're getting lots of pictures and video.

I know you've heard it before, but it's so true: they grow up way too fast. Especially at this age. Every day they do a little more.

Anonymous said...

Isn't their tenacity absolutely amazing? I don't think they take anything as a failure, just as a conquerable hurdle.
If I could only do the same :)

Sometimes you do want to detach them from your leg for a few moments but then you remember why they chose your leg.

surprised mom said...

And this is why I miss having babies in the house. Teenagers do not crawl over to you, reach up to prop themselves up on your legs and shine their baby blues or browns at you. There's no picking them up to hug and snuggle. I'm not saying there aren't some touching moments, but it's not the same. And most of the time you really don't want to see how their mind works.
Thanks for a touching post.