Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Student Driver

Time for another edition of randomness. So far I have been calling this Random Thoughts Tuesday. Apparently it is supposed to be Random Tuesday Thoughts. Maybe my first random thought this week should be to wonder when I became dyslexic.


    • Recently I saw a student driver driving down the road at the normal five mph below the speed limit. Right behind the student driver was an angry tailgater. No doubt the poor pimpled kid was sweating bullets with hands firmly at two and ten. I wanted to congratulate the angry driver for giving that student the real life driving lesson that people are crazy.

    • The air conditioner in my truck has not worked since November 2007. I toughed out an entire summer in that sweat box. Over the weekend the heat index climbed into the mid 90's here in Arkansas. I am giving up. I went to the mechanic today. The hatred of sweating while riding in the car has finally won out over cheapness. Way to go cheapness you gave it a good run.

    • If your children ever come home and say I want to be an engineer when I grow up discourage them. If they seem determined then try to steer them towards driving trains. Trust me.

    • We played softball in our church league against a group of "ringers" last Friday. These people were supposed to be from our church, but only one of them actually attends. How desperate for approval do you need to be in order to recruit a great softball team to win the co-ed church league.

    • I wish I was the kind of guy who always carried a pocket knife. It would be tough for travelling, but otherwise quite handy.

    • We are currently rewatching season 1 of the Sopranos. We do things like this to fill in for lack of quality programming in the summer. I really believe that show was the greatest drama ever. We miss you Tony.

    • I went outside yesterday to find a four foot black snake on the driveway just outside my garage. I got my shovel, creeped up behind the vile creature, took aim, swung the shovel...and missed. The snake headed for my garage. I swung again and missed. This time I had swung so hard that I chipped the concrete. At this point I took aim for any part of the snake rather than the head just to stop its progress into my garage. I hit it in the back and it started coming for me. Then in one swift move I brought down the shovel and ended the serpent's reign of terror once and for all. I hit is so hard that I have a pool of blood on the driveway. I hope it stains because telling people that is a snake blood stain sounds really cool.

    • I figured if random thoughts were fun then a random picture of Braden would be even better.


Tom said...

Air conditioning is a good thing. Last year I took the family to the state fair in Sacramento, California. The sun felt like it was actually pressing down on us with a giant flat iron. Escaping the heat was our constant thought.

Leigh said...

I've been doing the same thing with my durango, the AC went out of it at the end of last summer and it still isn't fixed... But I don't drive much.

Braden sure is a cutie!

surprised mom said...

I took a look at Braden's picture and thought, "I wonder what he's thinking about?" Cute photo!
I hate to say this but if the summer keeps on as the spring has gone, we won't need a/c here in Chicago. But I give you kudos for holding out so long!
I thought being an engineer was a good thing?
And I want to smack that tailgater. Of course I want to smack all tailgaters, or hold up a finger in greeting. Nice move, scaring the new driver. What an *ss.

Jill said...

I haven't watched the Sopranos, but I do agree that summer programming is the worst. My husband and I always "stock-up" movies on the DVR and then we watch those or old Seinfeld episodes all summer. Can't go wrong with Seinfeld!

Congrats on sweating it out this long without A/C. Don't ya hate it when you finally have to break down!?

Mike said...

I was once asked to STOP playing church softball. In the non-competitive, co-ed league.

How bad at softball do you have to be for that to happen? Evidently, about as bad as me!

Brandy said...

how did you even last a summer?! I'm dying because my windows aren't tinted - I'm THAT spoiled.

Good snake story.

Totally cute picture of Braden. I think my posts are always better when my son is featured.

thanks for stopping by and being a follower!

Jason said...

AWESOME snake story LOL.

Bee said...

Damn! The only vile creature I ever killed on my driveway was a huge spider. This thing was as big as my fist!

We first hairsprayed it (I had an aerosol can in the trunk of my car)(don't ask me why) and it stayed still for a little bit but then it slowly started moving its legs so I hit it with a two by four or maybe it was a one by two who knows and it doesn't really matter anymore. Anyway, it fell on the driveway and I through the 2x4 1x2 on top of it and then jumped on it.

When I picked up the 1x2 IT WAS STILL ALIVE! I had to chop it in half!

True story.

WeaselMomma said...

Nice random thoughts. B. You should make a chalk outline and put up police tape in your driveway for a real conversation piece. 3. Braden is cute as always.

Jen said...

you are totally my hero, you snake killer you!

Kekibird said...

Love the random picture. I agree about the pocket knife, very handy but a PITA when traveling. PS: about the dyslexia, it's quite common. I just spelled pocket "pcoket" and almost left it....just for amusement.

BeautifulWreck said...

Adorable baby! I am LMAO at the snake story!

otin said...

That was all entertaining, I have opinions on just about every subject that you hit! I hate when people don't cut drivers ed kids some slack! The whole softball thing is like that here also, people switch churches so they can play on another team, that is crazy!

Daddy Files said...

I have air conditioning but never use it. Therefore I am much tougher than you and could probably take you down with my pinky finger. Wuss.

But seriously, I probably would've run from the snake. Or called my wife to take care of it.

Anonymous said...

what is it with you wimpy men and your snake phobias? don't you know that poor black snake was more afraid of you than you were of him? also, he eats rodents! i play with snakes i find, my hubby screams like a girl and says "kill it, kill it! stop playing with it and kill it!" hehe

adorable munchkin. i wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks!

Super Mega Dad said...

You're my hero too, Otter. I would have gone inside and hid like a little school girl around that snake. I'm glad I live in the "big city" to keep me away from them.

And do you want cheap? I'm so cheap, my air conditioner works and I still don't use it in 120 degree heat because I think it will save me gas. Granted, our humidity hear in So Cal ain't anything like Arkansas, but STILL!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

There's no way I could survive a summer without A/C in a vehicle...I would rather have a good reason to be all sweaty than just driving around... ;)

There have been times I wished I carried a pocket knife...it would be quite handy... ;)

That random picture of Braden is A-DOR-A-BLE! ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Captain Dumbass said...

That is one cute kid. And pool of snake blood? Awesome.

57plymouth said...

I was the kid that always carried a pocketknife. Now I'm the grown up that always carries a pocketknife.

It's extremely handy!