Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday: Cow Gate

I don't have the mind for observational humor today. I haven't had it for some time. Engineering keeps trying to beat me down. Instead of having interesting comments on my surroundings, I am completely wrapped up in shipping dates, drawing revisions, requisitions, and quotes. Frankly I would rather be wrapped up in an old rug and tossed into the lake. Now that we have that cleared up lets move on to a few topics for Random Thoughts Tuesday.


  • We purchased our first child deterrent gate this past weekend. It is a massive six footer to block the only exit from the living room. We didn't have a lot of options for gates to cover that width. What we have is a swinging gate that reminds both Arica and myself of a cattle gate. I know nothing about cows except that they taste good. I did deer hunt as a kid on some land that had cows. We had to go through several gates and my job was to open and close the gates so Dad could drive through. Every time I walk through the new Braden gate I am tempted to close it behind me so the cows don't get out.

  • We have a massive fly infestation in our back yard. My feeling is that our dogs crap too much. I try to scoop the poop, but I can't keep up. The flies always come back. For any Aerosmith fans out there I even try to sing my scoop the poop song along to the rhythm of the old tune Eat the Rich. No matter how hard you try to lighten the mood scooping up dog crap is no fun. You can sing it to the tune of anything and it is still animal waste removal. I hate flies.

  • Braden is still using his walker. We haven't had any fiery explosions yet either. He has one walker at our house that he uses to travel backwards. He can barely reach the floor with one foot so he hasn't mastered the art of motivation in that one yet. He has another walker at Arica's mom's house. He can get both feet on the ground in that one. Sunday afternoon he even started walking forward. We are only a few short weeks from the day when I can strap a sled behind that dude and ride around the house.

  • I will probably jinx everything, but Braden has slept through the night without waking five nights in a row. He has slept until 8 am three of those nights and until 7 and 6:30 the other two. This development is bordering on the same level as discovering plutonium or striking oil in our bedroom. It is very exciting at least until Braden hears about this post.


Anonymous said...

As the official dog scooper here, I empathize. The crap/fly combo is enough to send anyone over the edge. I try to smack them into the poop headfirst, they want it so badly.

Great news about a child sleeping through the night :) but you do realize that soon there will be no naps either? I like to spread joy and merriment wherever I go.

WeaselMomma said...

Hire a neighborhood kid to scoop the poop daily for the summer! Although I love that you have a song for the job.
I hope that Braden continues nicely with the sleep schedule!

PJ Mullen said...

Those first few days they sleep through the night are like nirvana. Here's to hoping Braden doesn't hear about you bragging about it :)

Swoozie said...

"Frankly I'd rather be rolled up in an old rug and tossed into the lake." Hysterical. I love it.

Kids in walkers was constant fun in our house. Usually the good times ended in yet another over zealous dad-antic.

Life is heaven when the little ones decide to sleep thru the night. Good luck with that.

Great randomness....

surprised mom said...

Sorry about the engineering, but your comment was funny!
A cow gate? Now that was imaginative. You should post a photo of the Braden/cow gate. I'm so glad I don't have baby gates anymore. I used to trip over them.
Won't do the dog poop. That's what I have teenagers for.
It sounds like Braden is discovering he likes a good night's sleep. I hope he keeps it up! I liked your randomness.

GreenJello said...

I remember the first time my oldest daughter slept 6 hours at one shot. I woke up in a panic, and checked to see if she was still breating. LOL

Manic Mommy said...

Sleeping through the night to a dangerously sleep-deprived parent is easily the equivalent of money falling from the sky. And yes, you've TOTALLY jinxed yourself.

Mama Nut said...

Better flies then wasps!! That's what we have!

Tom said...

When I was a youth, I was mean enough to force my dog to take care of business in one particular area away from our house. Never had to scoop it. These days, I'm scooping dog poop, but it's all from the neighbor's dogs. Rotten curs.

Good deal about the gate! Hope it's secured good on either side. Once he gets the hang of rattling it, it could pop right out. I've had to fix several gates because of my kid's jailhouse tantrums.

JonnyTam13 said...

My daughter is going through a similar sleep pattern, except she's waking up at 5. I'm thinking about getting a cow gate and plopping her on the floor in the morning with her toys while I go back to bed!

Keely said...

Hahhahah you just jinxed yourself! I've done that. Lots.

I feed our dog a 'raw' diet. She poops less. And it seems like it 'biodegrades' better. It's more expensive, but I'm willing to shell out to not have to scoop poop ;)