Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bowling with Dad

"If horse racing is the sport of kings then surely bowling is....a very good sport also."
- Homer Simpson

I have to agree with Homer on this one. Bowling is a very good sport. It is unfortunate that it has achieved a reputation as the sport for fat beer swilling losers. I am thankful in some ways for the marketing genius that came up with glow bowling or disco bowling or whatever they call it in your town. You know how they turn the lights out, turn the black lights on, and pump up the music. Apparently these actions can turn a musty old bowling alley into teenage heaven. While this is terribly annoying if you are actually in the bowling alley, it has surely helped save the sport. Now at least it will be around long enough for me to take Braden out to the lanes.

Bowling has always been a part of my life. When I was a small child my Dad was a bowling machine. I remember sometimes going to the bowling lanes on league nights with him and my mom. The thing I remember most is getting Milky Way candy bars from the vending machine. I also remember one summer trip to St. Louis when my Dad and I spent the entire day at a bowling alley. We were killing time until the Cardinals game later that night, but I remember many details of the day bowling rather than the game. I can even tell you that I bowled a 156 one game and the name of the place was DuBowl Lanes. I think it is safe to say that I have always liked bowling.

Believe it or not bowling has played an even a bigger role than that in my life. After dinner on our very first date Arica and I went bowling. Obviously it went well. It was probably the view she had of me shuffling down the lane and hurling that big heavy ball that sealed the deal. After that we went on to marriage and a child. I wouldn't even be writing this blog about being a new dad without bowling.

Of course I can't wait to teach Braden how to roll a strike. I am sure at first he will use the bumpers, but just until he gets the hang of it. With such bowling genes in his blood he definitely won't need them for long.

Bowling is one of those beer drinking manly sports that I will always love. The list of bowlers who have inspired me is quite impressive. I hope to add mine and Braden's names to this list as well soon. It will be my Mt. Rushmore of Bowling...with an extra head.

My Dad, Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, Me, and Braden.


CaJoh said...

It's called Cosmic Bowling where I'm at… Just to let you know.

I know I can always bowl better. I once bowled 212 teaching someone to bowl, so be careful when teaching Braden so he doesn't get too frustrated.

The last time I bowled I got so frustrated that I decided to bowl Left-handed. I almost bowled better than I did Right-handed.

PJ Mullen said...

We used to go candlepin bowling all the time when I was growing up. Those were fun times. I suck at regular bowling, but at least it's a good excuse to have a few beers.

Stephanie said...

Here it is Galactic Bowling. Makes it sound very sophisticated and intelligent, to be sure. I am really really terrible at real bowling, but on the Wii? I am freaking life master, or whatever your title is if you're a flipping awesome Wii bowler.

surprised mom said...

I've heard both the terms Cosmic and Galactic bowling. I'm just glad bowling keeps reinventing itself so it stays around.
Bowling has been a part of my life since I can remember. I'm terrible at it, but still enjoy it.
When I was in the single digits I went with my friend's family, in the teens I went with groups of friends, but the best is when I was expecting my first. My husband belonged to a league and bowled every Monday night. I would go with him and park myself with his teammate's wife and we'd enjoy ourselves as much as the bowlers. I miss those Monday nights.
My girls also like bowling and have a good time when they go. We held our oldest's 15th birthday party in a bowling alley.
I'd love to see your Mt. Rushmore of Bowling! I hope Braden enjoys the sport as much as you.

Swoozie said...

Loving your Mt Rushmore idea! I've mentioned to my hubs about the four of going out and bowling (you know, when the kids are much older!!) and he kinda' gave me The Look!! Hey, I remember bowling as a kid.....and it was a blast!

Long Live Bowling.

Scott said...

We just took our oldest (4 years old) bowling for the first time, and it was by far one of the cutest things in a while. The look of glee on her face as the pins fell down was amazing.

Also, I would hazard to say that many marriages have started in the bowling alley.

WeaselMomma said...

I enjoy bowling but haven't done it in years. Braden will be ready for one of those plastic starter bowling sets just in time for his birthday.

Dave (Recycled Dad) said...

You say "fat, beer-swilling losers" like it's a bad thing.