Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stand Up Baby

Braden is so active that it only stands to reason that he will start walking as soon as possible. He walks around all the furniture while holding on. He walks along doors or walls or anything that he can use to keep himself upright.

Recently Arica and I have been holding his hands while he walks around the living room. He does this really well. At least he does well until he decides he would rather sit down. Sometimes we only hold on to one of his hands. He can walk that way too although it is a little tougher for him. He also lunges from the furniture to either Arica or me. He can take one or two steps during this move as well.

Today at lunch I was sitting on the floor with Braden. He crawled over to me and put his hands on my legs. He was propped up there looking at me. Then all of a sudden he just stood up. He was standing on his own two feet without holding on for several seconds. Arica and I looked at each other in disbelief as if Braden had just sprouted wings.

So now we know that he can stand if he wants too. Walking is the next step. Pun intended.


Daddy Files said...

Hey, congratulations! That's awesome. It's a great feeling to see him stand up isn't it? The only thing better is the look of self-satisfaction on their faces after they do it!

Get ready for the whirlwind my friend, you are about to chase that kid all over creation.

Melisa with one S said...

That's great! Huge milestone.

I agree w/ Daddy Files: you and Arica better get ready to be lunging after him (and what he grabs) CONSTANTLY.

Go Braden!

Baby News said...

Oh, yeah, I remember the "he just sprouted wings" look exchanged between my husband and I when Ethan stood for the first time. We were AMAZED!

It won't be long! Ethan still uses crawling as his "main mode," but he's walking more and more. It's SO cute! He get's tickled by himself.

PJ Mullen said...

One day soon he's going to stand up and take a few steps before he realizes what is happening. It is pretty funny.

My son would push himself up using a toy, then would bend over and deadlift the toy. He'd just stand there in place like an olympic weightlifter with his toy toolbox in his hands. I wish I had video taped it and set it to olympic music or something.

surprised mom said...

Congratulations to Braden, Arica and you on this wonderful milestone. I have to echo the others. I hope both you and Arica and in great shape because fast is the only speed you'll be going in the near future. Once babies have that walking thing down, running is only a matter of time. They've got so much to explore and do. And they want to do it at the speed of lightning.
Have fun!

marcus said...

So is now the time when every single thing in the house has to be raised two feet higher so that Braden does not create carnage?

KWG said...

Bea is right there as well. She's having trouble pulling herself up, but she's walking all over the friggin' place.

Congratulations! Now we have to clear the room of everything non-padded.