Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Depending on Dad

Monday night I gave Braden a bath. Bath time is always fun because it is one of his favorite times. I sat happily on the cold tile floor watching him play. It was one of those occasions when you are completely filled with amazement as you cherish time with your child. Braden's joyous smile lit up my world like a thousand suns at that very moment.

Then terror struck me like a punch to the gut. This beautiful little boy with the entire world in front of him is depending on me. One day he will grow up to be a functioning member of society. How well he is adjusted depends on his parents. Whether he is a good person, a nice person, a successful person, or the complete opposite of all those things is up to us.

I am barely capable of functioning on my own at the age of 31. Just last week I went to the airport to pick up my truck and forgot to bring the keys. Yes you read that correctly. I drove one hour, turned in my rental car, picked up my luggage, and went to get my truck without the keys to the vehicle I was planning to drive home. Then Arica and I had to wait another hour for someone to pick us up. Now does that sound like someone that has any business raising a child.

It's times like these that I am thankful for Arica.


otin said...

Yea, It is tough being a guy! We do some stupid shit, don't we? LOL! He will do ok, we learn from our parents mistakes!

PJ Mullen said...

You'll be fine, man. It gets overwhelming at times, but it's all good. I make mistakes all the time, so at least my son will learn what not to do :)

Captain Dumbass said...

Sometimes I'm amazed they even let us drive.

surprised mom said...

I decided a long time ago I couldn't be a perfect parent. And I haven't been. I've certainly made my share of stupid mistakes. Hopefully, the girls have learned from them.
It's amazing when and where the terror strikes, isn' it?

WeaselMomma said...

Parents need to count on each other for all sorts of parenting things. Yes, what Braden learns in this world in dependent on his parents. What Braden decides to do with that knowledge is up to Braden.

Daddy Files said...

Eh, forgetting your keys and stuff like that isn't a shortcoming that will harm Braden. It's more of an eccentricity over which you can share a laugh with him when he gets older.

None of us are perfect, we do the best we can. If you worry about screwing up all the time then that's when you'll really be screwed. Just enjoy the good times, get through the bad times and I honestly believe if you're a good person and a good parent then your kid will follow suit.

Baby News said...

I'm with WeaselMomma. You guys lay the foundation, but it's ultimately up to him. It's a bit scary!

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Now I'm freakin' out! :)