Friday, March 4, 2011

Sooner Dog

Spring has pretty much arrived in Arkansas regardless of what the calendar says. We have pear trees and daffodils blooming everywhere. My rose bush is making its yearly effort to grow into a rose tree before I can stop it. The weather is warmer, and we are outside every afternoon.

After I get home from work Braden and I go out and play in the back yard. Braden practices his driving skills in his Lightning McQueen car. He drives in a fairly continuous left turning oval so that he can jump of the roughly one foot drop on the backside of our concrete slab patio. That is his favorite thing to do. And yes I realize that the constant turning left could be a sign that Braden will like NASCAR, unlike his Daddy.

Braden also likes to take wagon rides and jump on his trampoline. He loves to run around and pretend his is blowing away or pretend that monsters are chasing him. He just simply loves being outside.

Braden being outside every day probably means just as much to our lab Otter. Since being banished to the back yard a couple years ago he has been patiently awaiting a new friend to play with. Well, patiently might be a stretch. He has never liked being a dog. Otter is what my dad calls a Sooner Dog. He would sooner be with people than eat.

And now that Braden and I are back there with him regularly, Otter has been reborn. He runs and jumps. He barks happily and wags his tail. He follows us everywhere just waiting for the next game or the next pat on the head. 

I am sure that he and Braden will be the best of friends. I am really happy for my old buddy Otter. He needs a new more lively friend. And lively is certainly right in Braden's wheel house.

As for our other dog Abbey, she doesn't really care for our intrusion into her world. She spends most of her time running away from Braden. I guess that just proves that some dogs are social and some dogs are not.


Sheila said...

Too cute!!! Yep...I think Coby plays with our dogs more than anyone else in our family! They love him - and mind him like crazy! He LOVES giving them treats for "shaking" "speaking" or "sitting!"

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm glad to hear the Braden and Otter are getting along so well. Chris keeps wanting to get G a puppy friend.

Diplo_Daddy said...

We've got a cat that loves nothing more than to sit on someone's lap and purr and pur....and purr. She's a human kind of person, too. Our other cat is the type who simply wants to be left alone.

SurprisedMom said...

A Sooner Dog. I like that! Some dogs just crave people, like your Otter. My dog George craves girl people, not boy people. He's an odd dog.

Spring may have FINALLY sprung in Chicago. Or this may be a teaser. It's hard to tell. March can be a goofy month.

Love the photos of you and Braden and your Sooner Dog!

Katherine said...

Our cat hates Ethan. We need a dog.

PJ Mullen said...

We only have a cat and he spends most of his time hiding from the kids. He learned the hard way the other night that our daughter is mobile.