Monday, March 7, 2011

Twin Girls: To Do List

We found out one week ago that we are having twin girls. I am very excited about the opportunity to learn all about the father/daughter relationship. I am certain that I will be powerless against these little angels. Even though it is very exciting, it is never too early to start a to do list in order to prepare our family for those teenage years.

I tried to rise above the fray and not make all the normal girl jokes, but I just couldn't help it. The jokes are all teed up and just waiting for me to take a swing. So here they are in top ten to do list form. I did sneak a serious one in there as well. Well maybe I should say more serious because I have to give all these items consideration.
  1. Find the guy responsible for the Coors Light twins commercial and strike him down.
  2. Get the Double Mint guy next.
  3. Upgrade from single barrel shotgun to double barrel.
  4. Enroll Braden in MMA fighting class at earliest opportunity.
  5. Get meaner dogs.
  6. Call Bear Grylls and learn some of those dead fall trap techniques.
  7. Develop War Face.
  8. Pro/Con list on mote versus castle wall.
  9. Start long campaign to convince Arica we need a more public weapons display in our home.
  10. Be a better husband to set a good example for the girls on how they deserve to be treated.


Brandy@YDK said...

HA! love the coors light and doublemint reference. whenever I see the playboy twins, i just think gross.

Sheila said...

amen to #10!!!!

Diplo_Daddy said...

I like #10.

Russ said...

I've oft thought that enrolling in martial arts classes or of purchasing a fire arm. I kept coming back to #10 though. It is two fold, first it shows your girls (girl in my case) how she should be treated and it will show you son how he should treat a lady. Failing that, I'm leaning toward a pump action shotgun or a large caliber S&W.

creative-type dad said...

#11. Get an eyepatch.

Congrats on the twins.

Tim Riley said...

Love the list!

#10 is exactly right.

Rob said...

LOL, awesome list. #1 and #2 are the best. Congrats and good luck man.

Tom said...

Finally I can comment. As I said on twitter: #11: a nail gun for potential dates who come to the door with droopy pants.

Enjoy their young years. They'll melt your heart.

James (SeattleDad) said...

I see #4 as your best shot. Tough older brothers scared the crap outta me in HS.

SurprisedMom said...

Loved your list. It made me laugh, except for #10. Now there you go.

Guys and their daughters. It's amazing how most react. I have to ask: Did you consider a castle wall or a moat when Braden was born?

Seriously, you will love having daughters. Mine, now matter how grown up they get, still call The Mister, "Daddy," and give him a kiss when he walks in the door.

Katherine said...

Love them all! And the last one, of course, is the best.

PJ Mullen said...

11. Learn to paint your face like Rambo