Monday, March 29, 2010

Dad's In the Limelight Series

In one of life's strange coincidences I am featured on another site today as well. I signed up for both opportunities around the same time, and as it turned out both posts appeared within a couple days. If you haven't been by yet click here to see my post at New Parent.

Today I am being featured in a series at Dad of Divas called Dad's in the Limelight. I really don't think I am in the limelight, but Chris was nice enough to include me in his series anyway. Go see the post featuring me HERE, and be sure to check out the rest of Chris' site while you are there.

I promise that I will still be posting here in the future.  I am not becoming a blogging nomad. Nor am I starting a career as a writing mercenary.

Thanks for checking out my guest posting opportunities. See you back here real soon.

1 comment:

surprised mom said...

A writing mercenary? You crack me up! Ok, I'm heading over there.