Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness With a Toddler

Today starts one of the least productive work weeks of the year in America. Thursday and Friday will be stalled due to massive live streaming of NCAA tournament games in offices nationwide.  Some die hard fans may even choose to take vacation days so they can substitute cold beer and wings for TPS reports.

The lack of production starts today, however, not Thursday. All around the country right now people are filling out their brackets. Workers are meeting at the coffee pot to argue who is the better upset choice, Sienna or Murray State. Which 12 seed will beat a 5 seed this year? Can Kentucky's freshmen carry their team to a title like Carmelo did back in 2003? The discussion rages on.

Since I am a lowly worker bee I don't care about lost production. I love March Madness. The first weekend is quite possibly the greatest sporting event of the year. It has always provided me with a lot of enjoyment, and I expect more of the same starting Thursday.

This year, however, I find myself with different priorities as the tournament approaches. Last year in my March Madness post I shared a video of my Arkansas Razorbacks winning the National Championship in 1994. At that time this was the most important and relevant basketball video in my life.

This year there is a much more relevant basketball video that I would like to share. I hope you enjoy this video of my all time favorite slam dunk artist.


surprised mom said...

That video is more interesting than any NCAA game will be! Braden's amazing, especially since he knows what "slam dunk it" means!
BTW, when I was a reporter we used pick our brackets. I always participated just because it was fun and the top prize was a free lunch at the restaurant of your choice with the rest of the reporters chipping in to pay your share. I came in last one year and the next year I won! Well, didn't that amaze and tick off those who knew I didn't know ANYTHING about sports. I guess luck does have something to do with it.

Brandy said...

I think your slam dunk artist is way better than those silly college teams. I remember when I devoted my life to fantasy football. who has time?!

otin said...

I am in the heart of college basketball country. I am within 2 hours of Duke and UNC, and yet, I would rather watch paint dry than watch a basketball game! haha

Rob said...

Not a big fan of basketball but loved the slam dunks in your video. You are a huge Razorbacks fan I see. LOL. Also, when I first heard your voice in the video I was thrown off. Not sure why. Maybe because I read your blog often and know what you look like but never hear your voice today. You sound sexy. You sexy man. LOL.

john cave osborne said...

here, here, brother. we've got one of those for the triplets. great stuff, no?

this IS the best sporting weekend of the year.

nolan richardson for AD. and sorry about the stoerner fumble story. it does go down in lore, though, no? and i remember the following year's loss all too well.

good stuff all the way around.

PJ Mullen said...

When in doubt I root for Gonzaga, just because I like the way it sounds. I know nothing of college basketball and don't pay much attention to March Madness. I've never understood the name since it drifts into April.

Daddy Files said...

Mad skills. That kid is a baller!