Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leader of a Toddler Gang

It's time for an update on Operation Child Care. Starting her new job is still tough for Arica. There are certain difficulties at work that have made her first week challenging. Who would have ever thought that a huge corporation was mismanaged? It's a real shocker!

Of course being away from Braden is still an arduous task for her as well. I am sure it will continue to be hard for the foreseeable future. It will eventually get easier with time.

Braden seems to be adjusting well. The only real hiccup came Monday night when for some unknown reason he decided to throw one of his all night parties. I ended up watching The Simpsons with him at 3 am. At that moment in my sleep deprived mind The Simpsons counted as a cartoon for children.

The next morning Braden was very upset when Arica dropped him off at school. We were worried that he would be getting his daily report marked as "fussy" for that day.

We were wrong.

According to the teachers he was a perfect child all day. They said that he is super good. The teachers also said most kids that have never been to child care cry all day for about a week. Braden, however, does not cry at all. He just plays all day. It would appear that our son is quite the social animal.

I am proud of him for being a good boy. It makes me happy to know that he can adjust quickly, and that he likes playing with other kids.

I am not surprised though. I always expected him to excel. I imagine him as leader of a little toddler gang. He is the like the godfather of his class. I am certain he is a benevolent ruler rather than a war time chief. After all he is willing to share food, drink, and pacifiers with me and Arica at any time.

So as we reach hump day on week one I say hail to the new King of Toddler Care.


Katherine said...

Nice! So glad to hear he's doing well at child care. That makes it so much easier. And just so you know....Ethan's been going since he was 8 weeks and the kid STILL cries when I leave!

He's also the Leader of the Toddler Gang...good thing they don't go to the same place; there might be a fight for the crown of the toddler kingdom! :)

Eric said...

Where do we leave the gifts that show our appreciation for our esteemed leader's protection?

surprised mom said...

You have a really wonderful little boy! When my youngest was three I sent her to preschool at the same school the oldest was attending. She cried for two months. When I finally decided enough was enough and I was going to take her out, she stopped.

Give the King of ToddlerCare a hug for me. He deserves it!

squirtsdad said...

That's very cool, him being a social animal. I hope my son will adjust as easily to pre-school when he starts later this year...and that we will be Kind of Toddler Care too. :)

Rob said...

That is really cool that he is doing well in daycare. Knowing your child is in daycare is bad enough but if they are miserable that is a whole other ball game.
Hope he doesn't start a gang while on the inside! LOL.

seashore subjects said...

It sounds like he is loving daycare and taking it by storm. I am sure that you and Arica are teaching him that "with great power comes great responsibility," and he is an excellent leader!

WeaselMomma said...

He'll make them a diaper that they can't refuse.

PJ Mullen said...

He probably already has half the class owing him favors at this point :)

Jack said...

The Godfather of his class. I like that, made me laugh.

Manic Mommy said...

Braden gives "taking it to the mattresses" new meaning.

I feel the need to warn you; he's going to catch every bug coming down the pike. HRH's first year in preschool, we were at the pediatrician about every three weeks. It's normal and it will pass.