Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toddler and Monkey Stew

When Arica and I first met I enjoyed cooking a little bit, but I had no real idea what I was doing. I certainly had no formal training or even informal training for that matter.  While we were dating she somehow, against my will, got me to watch Emeril on the Food Network.

After that a strange thing happened. I became addicted. I wanted to watch Emeril all the time. I wanted to watch other cooking shows as well.  It seemed that my love of TV and my love of eating had come together to form a perfect marriage.  I learned to cook a little bit. Some of the rules and techniques began to stick in my head. I had never liked using recipes so these rules and techniques helped my repertoire in the kitchen grow exponentially.

At home I share the cooking duties with my very capable wife. Outside of the home I have been slower to showcase my skills. After a few trial runs I have slowly become the dressing maker at Christmas and Thanksgiving with Arica's family. I have also been allowed to bring some other things to the table occasionally.

With all of this I still haven't launched my cooking know how and skills onto the Internet even though it seems to be the perfect place to share. Cooking websites and blogs are everywhere.  My friend PJ Mullen often shares cooking tips, recipes, and even video on his regular blog. He has a separate cooking blog as well.

Today he has inspired me to post this, my first cooking video.

In case you prefer a written recipe I offer the following steps.
  1. Put kid in pot.
  2. Remove the kid and add monkey. Place kid on top of monkey.
  3. Remove kid and monkey and hope they don't run away.


Brandy said...

your video went away. I hate cooking and will gladly let my husband do that. I will also gladly clean up after his mess just so I don't have to cook.

Katherine said...

That makes me smile.

It's good that you got it on video (I was going to say tape...that's so early 90s). Pretty soon he won't fit in the pot anymore.

Enjoy your Braden a la mode monkey!

Otter Thomas said...

I am having problems right now with You Tube. If the video is missing I am sorry. I will get it up again eventually.

Manic Mommy said...

The video was up and adorable! Pots and tupperware are about the best toys there are for a toddler.

A love of cooking in my family is passed through the Y chromosome. I'm capable enough but generally I do it because ordering out every night is too expensive. My brother on the other hand, will knock your socks off.

otin said...

Now how cute was that!! I think you need a bigger pot! LOL

WeaselMomma said...

Talk about playing with your dinner!
Very cute.

Mark said...

Love the Video. Although I wasn't sure if I should be drinking a red or a white wine while watching it. So I drank both. Not mixing well with my Lucky Charms. Your Friend, m.

Momo Fali said...

Forget the cooking. How do you keep your floor so clean?

surprised mom said...

I couldn't wait to read this post because of the title. Now I get it! This has to be the best "cooking show" video I've seen and I'm a regular Food Network watcher! As always, Braden is very cute!

PJ Mullen said...

Too cute, I have to hid my stock pots otherwise we get Sesame Street soup around here.