Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Call It a Comeback

I am sure that at least a handful of people noticed that I was absent all last week. Don't worry I am not trapped under a cloud of volcanic ash. I have not been incarcerated or injured either. Last week was just a bad week at our house.

Let me ask you a question. What do day cares, preschools, baby Woodstock, and a meeting of the very very young republicans have in common?

They are all perfect breeding grounds for terrible debilitating sickness. Any place that more than one toddler is gathered is more suitable for an evil virus or bacteria than the men's bathroom at the Waffle House. Germs will always prefer a nice blanket at the local preschool over a petri dish in the lab of Louis Pasteur.

Well that concept struck our home and apparently every other home for kids in Braden's class last week.  Braden had a stomach virus for about 7 days. The only thing he could keep down were crackers, water, and pedialyte. Everything else came back with a vengeance. By the end of last week he resembled a stick baby rather than his normally chubby self. Braden's teacher said only a couple kids escaped the outbreak unscathed. Such is life with child care.

Arica caught the virus too. She was sick for about the same amount of time. She got sick a day later, but is just now getting over it.

After taking a day off to help with sickness my remaining free time was spent studying. I finally took my Professional Engineer Licensing exam on Friday. Months of studying culminated in one all day marathon testing session. I am glad it is over.

I think I did rather well on the exam, but I won't know for sure for quite a while. Apparently it takes the testing company 12 weeks to grade our exams. They only give us one day to take the test, but they can grade it for 25% of a year. Thanks for getting in a hurry guys.

Anyway I am back. Hopefully the family is well, and we can get back to providing you the details of our wonderfully exciting lives. I know you are on the edge of your seat, but you will have to wait until next time for any more juicy details.


Brandy said...

ugh - daycare is the worst about spreading the crap. glad everyone is feeling better

Eric said...

I noticed you were gone, but such is life as a dad blogger. I wasn't too worried.

Even though my kids don't go to daycare, the outbreak monkey somehow finds its way into our house and gets us all sick too.

Hope everyone gets better soon and also quick test results.

PJ Mullen said...

I had wondered where you had been, I thought you might have been shipped over to Scotland again. Hopefully everyone is back to being healthy. 12 weeks, really? Do they know about computers?

SurprisedMom said...

I hope everyone in the family is feeling much better! (I had wondered where you were and was hoping everything was ok.) I hate to tell you this, but any school, whether it's daycare, pre, kindergarten or grade school is a breeding ground. It gets better in high school, a little.

I'm glad the test is over, but too bad you have to wait 12 weeks to get the results. What is this the Army? Hurry up and wait? PJ's comment about computers cracked me up.

Katherine said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear Braden and Arica were sick. That's so hard!

I tell myself that having Ethan in child care now means he won't bring home every illness he encounters when he starts school. It makes me feel better.

12 weeks? I wish I had that kind of grading flexibility!

Manic Mommy said...

It happened to us when HRH started pre-school. No fun! But really, it does get easier.

There's nothing like taking care of a sick child when you feel like death warmed over. I feel Arica's pain and hope the black cloud has passed for now.

Melisa with one S said...

Icky! I'm so sorry the sickness swept its way through your house!

And congrats on being done with your test. I hope you are surprised with how quickly you get your results. (That sounded good, anyway! ;) )

seashore subjects said...

Glad everyone is starting to feel better. The flu is so exhausting, especially with a small one to care for.

Waiting for test results stinks! Hope you have good news soon.

Jack said...

Sometimes kids are like little incubators of infection. Takes time for them to build up their immunity so they bring home all sorts of stuff.

Rob said...

I know the feeling. Shae has never been in daycare but Shaun was and once one kid gets sick watch out becuase they all catch it. Glad to hear your family is/did recovery. Also, I hope you did well on your exam. I know the last few months of studying were probably difficult but at least it is over now.