Friday, April 30, 2010

Star Wars Meets Camouflage

There are a great many benefits to being a baby.  Braden is not really a baby, but I am not sure what to call him. I am not much on the term Toddler. I just want to call him a little boy I guess.  We'll just say that there are quite a few benefits to being 17 months old.

There is the free butt wiping. The dressing. The bathing. The feeding. There are no jobs, bills, or responsibilities in general.  Being Braden's age is a free ticket to run around in your underwear acting wild only to be told how adorable you are.

While I was getting Braden ready for school this morning I noticed another benefit he has over me.  I was dressing him in a pair of dark camouflage shorts with a black Return of the Jedi T-Shirt featuring Yoda's big green head.  That is when I noticed that my son can quite easily pull off the wardrobe marriage of redneck and sci-fi geek. How awesome is that?

The feat is even more impressive to his Dad because my greatest redneck weakness is camo. I have a camo Cardinals hat, a Razorback shirt with some camo, and a lot of regular hunting camouflage shirts, coats, and pants.  I even have a camouflage tackle box and once owned a camo Razorback beer koozie that I have since lost.  It is really a wonder that anyone can keep up with a beer koozie anyway.

On top of that my biggest sci-fi love is Star Wars. I think I have mentioned here before that I don't go to conventions or dress like characters, but I do like the movies. Obviously the original three are the best, and Yoda is an all time great.

Unfortunately as a grown man with a somewhat professional career I am unable to pull off the blending of these two great things.  If I wore camo shorts with a Yoda shirt I would no doubt be labeled a stoner or at the very least a slacker.

Braden, however, can wear that exact outfit and be the cutest kid in the room.  I am jealous of that power over wardrobe choices that children have.  Braden could wear a cape or a giant fish hat. It wouldn't matter. He would look great. For that matter he could wear anything he wanted.

If I had the power to wear anything I wanted I think I would chose camo shorts and a Yoda shirt just like my little man.


Brandy said...

ha! i recently stuck G in camo pants and batman shirt. awesome

Eric said...

Dude, just go for it. It's called RETRO now. While my wardrobe of t shirts is not all impressive, I do have a GiJoe, a Marvel and Lost Dharma logo one.

Will people think I'm a geek? Sure.

Stoner? probably not.

Camo can work with anything. Look at GiJoe in the 80s.

Rock it out Yoda Man!!

Otter Thomas said...

@Eric: I love the retro t-shirt fad. I have several of my own. It is the addition of camo shorts that I am weary of.

SurprisedMom said...

I have a retro ELO T-shirt. Does that count? (Actually it isn't retro, it's the original from the 80s my then boyfriend got me. Should I put it in a frame, because I'll never wear it again.)

I think you and Braden should get look alike redneck/sci-fi geek outfits and you should post the photo of the two of you on your blog. What do you think?

Manic Mommy said...

Is it a gray shirt with Yoda's face and the words "Strong I am with the force"? Gremlin wore his the other day sans camo. Just Levis.

You'd be amazed at how happy a kid in a Luke Skywalker makes other shoppers at the grocery store. Especially in April.

PJ Mullen said...

If I had my way I'd wear nothing but shorts and old concert t-shirt replicas, but combine that with the whole at-home thing and the slacker/stoner label will most assuredly be applied to me. Instead I'm on the lookout for these things for my son. And I totally need to get him a star wars t-shirt.

WeaselMomma said...

I think that Arica just got an idea for the most fantabulous Father's Day gift ever.

seashore subjects said...

I recently bought a star wars/mickey mouse combo shirt. When I wore it to work, all my kids had a comment. You gotta love how star wars can bridge the ages!