Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy Rabbit Eggs! I Forgot Easter!

Just in case you missed it Easter was a couple weeks ago. We celebrated several times, but due to certain circumstances Life of a New Dad has not celebrated the holiday yet. I don't have a grand story to share about something that happened over two weeks ago so I will share in video and pictures with a few comments. I hope you enjoy.

Video #1 is footage of Braden's first ever Easter Egg Hunt. It is actually his second because they had one at school earlier in the week.  Since neither Arica nor I witnessed this supposed hunt for plastic eggs we cannot prove it actually happened. Therefore this video will go down in the records as the first Easter Egg Hunt.

This footage was sorted out of many more minutes to give you the actual gathering of eggs footage. Before this Braden played basketball, tried to go back inside, and stopped to eat all his candy before finding his egg hunting groove. He really does have a mind of his own.

Video #2 is from the second Easter Egg Hunt that occurred on Easter day. There was more footage of Braden gathering eggs, but it was much like the previous video so I offer you this instead. The first note is about Braden's plastic sack. All the other kids used sacks rather than a basket so Braden insisted that he get a sack too. That is why he is lugging a basket full of eggs and an empty plastic bag. 

Second is a note about his egg toss skills. He was actually the second kid to reject the blue egg. After I quit filming he removed it from his basket every time we put it in there and threw it on the ground. He did not want that egg for some reason. I guess he doesn't like baby blue.

Now we have to close with the traditional shots of Braden in his Easter outfit. For the second straight year he wore a suit and tie. He is super handsome. My thinking is that funerals, weddings, and the resurrection of my Lord and Savior are perfect occasions to wear a tie. I think Braden agrees.

I hope you enjoyed our Easter recap. All this talk has made Braden thirsty so we have to go and fill up our canteens. See you next time.


Katherine said...

That's too cute. Ethan didn't really get into hunting for eggs. I love his Easter basket...it seems fitting.

And he looks so handsome in his suit!

Brandy said...

he's such a good little easter egg hunter! he's building his hunting foundation. And what an adorable easter outfit.

seashore subjects said...

Love the pics in the suit. Adorable!

Melisa with one S said...

First of all, didn't you see him TASTE the blue egg before rejecting it? Maybe the outside of it tasted like liver. Second of all, maybe he's on a diet.

I love the official pics! Handsome boy!

PJ Mullen said...

Very cool. Little man couldn't have cared less about hunting for eggs, despite our best efforts.

john cave osborn said...

we took our trio to an big fancy easter egg hunt, and, honesly? it freaked them out more than anything else.

great footage. excellent Easter recap. handsome little fella...

Rob said...

Looks like your little man had a great time hunting for eggs. Also, love the suit. He looks fly!

SurprisedMom said...

Ok, my head mustn't have been on my shoulders this day either. I can't think of one good reason I'd miss a Braden video or photos.

Did he tell you "Bye" at the end of the first video? I hope he had a lot of fun hunting Easter eggs. And for some reason he disliked the taste of that blue egg.

What a handsome little guy in his suit and tie!