Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snook is a Hippie

In the coming days I have a couple posts that I would like to share covering a very important topic, cartoons. One of the hidden joys or burdens, depending on how you look at it, of having kids is the reintroduction of cartoons into your life.

The last time I was watching cartoons on a regular basis Bugs Bunny was still king.  There was the Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and others as well. Mickey is still around, of course, but now he is the ultra digitized and computerised version. He looks nothing like the Mickey of old. Pooh and other old favorites are still hanging around too, but for the most part there is a whole new cartoon world out there these days.

Now I am not here to cover important topics like why Mickey wears pants and no shirt while Donald Duck wears a shirt and no pants. No, I will leave that to the pros.

Today I am here to build a case against Snook. For those of you who don't know Snook is a big sloth that hangs around on PBS every day at noon on a show called "It's a Big Big World." Today we will prove once and for all that he is a hippie and he is using his show on PBS as a platform to pass along his tree hugging ways to children everywhere. 

For starters Snook's voice, unkempt hair, and laid back attitude are enough to convince me he is a hippie. But if I have learned anything from hours of drinking beer with a lawyer it's that you can't get a judge to convict anyone on looks alone. You need facts.

Let me state my case.
  • I just heard Snook yesterday say "Don't you like to celebrate trees?" I am serious. That is what he said. The case should be closed now, but I will go on just to humor the legal eagles out there.
  • The tree dwellers sing a song called "You and me are the keepers of the tree."
  • Snook and his band of merry men and women also sing a recycling song that goes something like this "The forest is your friend so use it again and again and again."
  • On two occasions I have seen Snook out in the real world talking to a guy with a ZZ top beard. They talked once about a compost heap and once about growing organic carrots.
  • I have heard Snook implore his minions to "help the tree" on a few occasions. I say help is just another H word substituted for Hug.
  • They live in the world tree.  Not the oak tree. Not the pine tree. Not the Mangrove tree. Not even the rubber tree. The World Tree.
Don't get me wrong, teaching children not to litter and how to recycle are good messages. I love the outdoors, and I hope we can keep some nature around for a long time. I am just a little concerned about this guy in a sloth suit pushing a little too much of the hippie counter culture.

So Mr. Snook I'll be watching you. If you ever show up on my TV with a tie-dyed shirt then our relationship is over.


Brandy said...

ok ok who is snook? before my time or after my time?

Otter Thomas said...

I added a bit about where you can find Snook. I got so wrapped up in stating my case that I left that part out earlier.

He is still on PBS every day if you want to check him out.

PJ Mullen said...

We no longer have TV and I was not familiar with this Snook. But I have to concur, total hippie.

WeaselMomma said...

I could hug you for your sentiments here. I am currently working on a related post.

Brandy said...

omgod there are people in america that don't have TV?! wrong so wrong.

sorry - tree huggin hippies be damned.

Rob said...

Sounds like a hippie to me but I'll be darn if I am going to watch it because knowing my kids they will fall in love with Snook the hippie and start listening to the Grateful Dead. No thank you! :)

Melisa with one S said...

Shoot. I thought you were talking about SNOOKI, from "Jersey Shore". I would've totally been able to have a conversation about that. But this Snook character? Sounds like he's up to no good.

Jack said...

Never heard of Snook. I feel old. ;)

SurprisedMom said...

I never heard of Snook because my girls are WAY past the age of watching PBS kid shows. He does sound like a bit of a hippie though.

The one show on PBS I just couldn't stand, of course it wasn't meant for me either, was the dreaded Teletubbies. I wonder if it's still on?

May Braden enjoy every cartoon moment! Um, you too, Dad.