Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Son is Coachable

I think Braden is about to enter the stage of development that brings countless hours of joy to immature parents everywhere. The little guy is becoming coachable.

He has always imitated everything we do. I have written about that before. He imitates cooking, drinking, eating, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and anything else that he sees us do. Recently he has started imitating my juggling by taking two balls and moving his hands around in circles. It's really funny.

As a side note I am not a good juggler. I have started trying to learn since Braden was born only because it has always bothered me that I couldn't juggle.  Now I practice every night with Braden's bath tub toy balls while he takes a bath. Yes my friends it is this type of dedication that is sure to win me countless father of the year awards.

Now as Braden takes these new mimicking skills to the next level by allowing instruction there are no limits to the amount of fun we can have. The first indication of this possible new joining of forces came last weekend when I sneezed a couple times. Braden started laughing and began to imitate me.

Of course I took this and expounded upon it to make the production bigger and better. I started doing some very exaggerated AHHHHHHH...CHOOOOO! type sneezes.  Braden laughed and laughed and then started to do them himself. Braden will now give you an! complete with head motions on demand. It is hilarious.

What could be our next comedy tag team act?  I am against teaching vulgarities just for a laugh so I won't be doing that. What will it be? Touchdown dances? Three Stooges routines? I don't have time to wonder any more. I am off to draw up a  new routine for me and the little man to practice tonight after work.


PJ Mullen said...

Definitely a touchdown dance, maybe even a walk off home run celebration.

twistedxtian said...

That's hilarious!

My vote is for Three Stooges routines. :)

John said...

You got an award!! Check out !

seashore subjects said...

When he tried to imitate the juggling, I want to see the video!

Brandy said...

Just be warned that when you are feeling all awesome and try to get braden to "perform" for someone- he won't do it. And it's just because you built it up. Lol

SurprisedMom said...

I'm giggling over here just at the description of your "comedy" act. I just have one question. How does Arica feel about all of this? :)

WeaselMomma said...

Great opportunity to introduce him to potty training.