Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Poop Face

Everyone reading this that has children knows the face. The face that signals impending doom for a innocent pampers diaper. It is the poop face. Braden's poop face is hilarious. I know it's probably not the most fun thing for him but I just can't help but laugh. His face turns red as a fire truck and he offers up some very determined grunts. He will grunt 2 or 3 times usually until he reaches his goal. That goal of course is a stinking dirty diaper for me to change. Last night I was holding Braden when he started going to work and I could not help but think of this scene from Austin Powers.

Of course in this scene I would be Tom Arnold cheering on my son as he poops his pants. Next time he starts making the face I might just say, "That's right buddy you show that turd whose boss," or "Hey partner you gotta relax. Don't force it. You're gonna blow out your o-ring...drop a lung." Actually it would work just as well if I screamed "Who does number two work for!" No matter what role I play it will be a proud family moment. Braden is grunting and turning red while I am quoting Austin Powers. I have to make sure Arica is there because she will be so proud. I wish someone would have told me at an earlier age that TV will rot your brain. Now it's too late.


Russ said...

What's fun is when they do it in the middle of the night! That is one awful scream to wake up to.

MileHighDad said...

Or should it be "Who's number two do I work for!"