Friday, February 6, 2009

Waiting for the Baby to Roll Over

Braden and I have added a new routine to our father/son time. Arica and I have started putting Braden on the floor some so he could work on rolling over. We also put him on his stomach so he can lift his head up and look around. These are things that he needs to learn as part of normal baby development. These things also help build toward crawling. I call them the baby fundamentals. Much like a basketball team works on their dribbling, passing, and shooting, babies have to work on their fundamentals too. Braden is working hard and is really close to rolling over. He lifts his legs all the way up doing a perfect leg lift. Then he turns to the side forming a perfect "L" shape that takes him nearly all the way over. Then he stalls. He just needs to throw his arm over and we will have roll over success.

During breaks in the fundamental drills we like to play as well. We sit in the floor and talk while we both watch TV. I get some toys and shake them or let him feel them. I also tickle him or poke at his nose and cheeks. He likes it when you drag the toys gently across his face. All this excitement leads to Braden's favorite move. It is a little something I like to call the turtle. Braden frantically waves his arms and legs like a turtle stuck on his back. We are learning and working on our fundamentals while doing the turtle. It is a multitasking experience. I just hope Braden rolls over soon so he doesn't get stuck like so many turtles before him.

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