Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy

Above you can see two cute lovable fellows. On the left is my son Braden. On the right is something I call puppy blue ears. Other people call him the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy but that is just too many words for me.

It is funny how at such a young age Braden changes the things he likes and dislikes. Not long ago his favorite noise making distraction was a colorful caterpillar that plays classical music. Only in the home of new parents can you find such a creature as Beethoven the caterpillar. Welcome to the imaginative world of raising young children. I am sure the caterpillar will come back in vogue because it also teaches numbers and colors. While Braden is too young for that type of learning now, I still use the learning toys as singing distractions. With the right toy I can create a formidable baby song singing duo.

Now that the worm has turned we are on to puppy blue ears. The puppy is also a great toy for older kids. Fisher-Price recommends it for children 6-24 months. The puppy teaches body parts and colors. It also says things like "Will you be my friend", "I love you", and "So Big". I'm not sure what these phrases are for other than teaching kids some new words. Teaching the phrase "So Big" is akin to teaching foreign tourist to say"Where is the Library?" I'm not sure why they need to know how to say that but we teach them anyway. Even with the questionable phrases this is one of Braden's new favorite toys. It sings 6 or 7 different songs. I play them and sing along much to his delight. The geniuses at Fisher Price also added a blinking red heart to the center of the puppy to keep the babies attention. So there have been many fun nights of Braden staring at a blinking light and listening to the future Grammy award wining duo of puppy blue ears and daddy.


Russ said...

Miss L has one of those too! Needy little fucker isn't it!

EisQuosAmo said...

I'm pretty sure we own that caterpiller, too. Ethan loves the thing and I sound absurd singing all the color songs, "Hello, Bluebird...."