Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Quest for Sleep Continues

A little while back I unleashed this diatribe about our Quest for Sleep. It has been nearly a month so I thought I would give an update on this always interesting part of a new dad's life.

Braden is still sleeping in his swing. I have nightmares about the day we will have to break him of this habit. I'm sure those nights will be filled with hours of Braden crying himself to sleep in his crib. That will be hard but it must be done some day in order for Arica and I to return to normal sleeping patterns. Also it has to be done so we aren't still rocking him to sleep in junior high.

Right now Braden usually goes to bed around midnight. Sometimes it is earlier but rarely is he up past 12:30 anymore. Once we tuck him into the swing he normally sleeps until 5 or 6 in the morning. I think this can be considered very close to sleeping all night. If we can just stretch an hour in each direction that would be great. Hopefully this will not all fall apart on us when we move to the crib.

So here we are as new parents. One of us sleeps on the couch every night with the swing just an arm length away. We are there ready to pounce when we hear those awakening noises that Braden makes. We are there ready to soothe him and put him back to sleep if he needs that too. I guess we are in a holding pattern in the quest for sleep. We have found something that works for us and we are sticking with it for the time being. Even with this success we know in the back of our minds that we can't live like this forever. Some day we must forge ahead towards our final destination. The destination of nightlong sleep.


EisQuosAmo said...

Oh, the never-ending quest for sleep...we're still searching, too.

Super Mega Dad said...

Man, that's harsh. It WILL get better, just takes time. I remember having to spend half the night, at least, rocking the baby.

I think I'll stop bitching about mine getting up at 6:30 every morning now. :)