Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby's First Pictures

We went to the Sears picture studio for Braden's first professionally done pictures on Thursday. I use the term professionally done loosely. The price was professional quality and the pictures were too but that speaks more to the level of technology than the level of photography skill. Our photographer looked like she road the bus from Junior High to Sears to take the afternoon shift. I am not bashing her. She was very nice and did a fine job. I am merely saying that she was young and was not a trained photographer.

Braden smiles all the time so he is a natural for picture taking. If you say anything to him with a smile on your face he will most likely smile right back at you. The girl was easily able to talk to him and get a smile. I will give her an "A" in that department. Our only problem came when Braden decided to try and eat his fist. That's one of his favorite hobbies. I always envision him saying "look Daddy I can fit my whole fist in my mouth." He may not say that, but he tries his best to fit it in there several times a day just the same. As you might imagine this is not the preferred pose for picture taking. I sat next to him and held his hands down until he smiled then I hopped out of the way. Oddly enough Arica's favorite picture is the one below where Braden has his fist firmly planted in his mouth. That just goes to show you that no matter how much training, or in this case how little, you never know what will make the best picture until after you snap it.


WeaselMomma said...

He is super cute and has a great smile. The best pics you will ever have are the candid shots when he is just being himself. That's why the fist in the mouth shot is sooo good (and it is).

Otter Thomas said...

Thanks WeaselMomma. Of course we think he is super cute too but it is alwyays nice to hear it from other people not named Grandma or Grandpa.

Tom said...

That is a great picture! He's a cute little guy, no doubt about it. He needs lots of pictures taken of him.